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I know it exist the samsung VPX300L (SCX300L in US) with a bullet cam include.
But this camera is now a bit old and impossible to find at decent prices in my country.

Sony makes great helmet bullet cams to plug in a analog or AV input.

So my question is: which digital camera has such an input to do what I want.

I like the sanyo CA65 but I don t see inputs on it.

Thank you.

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There are two alternatives:


(1) Many of the Aiptek digital camcorders have video-in function (with RCA cable). Most models except the most expensive ones have optical zoom lens, but if you are only using this as a digital video recorder you don't need to worry about the camera lens.


(look for the models that have "Personal media player and recorder" function)

One important thing to point out ....

DON'T BE TEMPTED by the capibility of "HD recording quality" - most helmet cams use CMOS or CCD board cameras with low resolution (more compatible with VCD 320 x 240 pixel quality, the most to standard DVD 640 x 480 quality). If you plug in a video source of low quality into a "high definition" video recorder, the recorder only blows up the image size artificially, like digital zoom function in digital cameras. This gives fuzzy, blocky video.

I don't use Aiptek digital camcorders (but I have a Sanyo CG6, similar to the CG65 and CA65, it is great!). I am not sure what the recording quality (excluding the optical quality) of the Aiptek cameras - apart from video resolution (pixel x pixel), another important factpr to determine video quality is the video bitrate - but this is not mentioned in the specs or menu. For 640 x 480 resolution (at 30 fps), most MPEG-4 video need at least 1.5 to 2 Mbps video bitrate to play smoothly with decent quality. This is especially important when you are using your helmet cam for action sports with fast movement.


(2) If you only need a digital video recorder, you can buy one without the camera function. Archos has a whole series of personal media player (PVP) / recorder. The latest models do not use laptop hard drives but only SD memory cards - eg. 405 Flash (2 GB internal memory + SD card slot for SDHC). This is only around 150 USD, not much more expensive than Aiptek digital camcorders. The Archos 405 Flash is bigger though, with a larger LCD (obviously because it is designed as a video player, not camera). I also use Archos PVP and recorder, and I can assure you that the video recording quality is excellent, at a higher resolution of 640 x 480 pixels.


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Thank you very much for the advices.

I didn't want the archos solution before you say it exists with flash media only (without HDD). Maybe it's THE solution for what I want to do at good price!

Edit: ok, This is a good solution with a good rate quality/price.
I buy a archos 405 2Go + travel adapter + sony bullet cam.
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I just picked up the Aiptek Action HD from WM and tried my helmet cam (RCA output) on it and it works great. The Aiptek can only record 640x480, but that matches the bullet cam rez so its perfect. Muchsmaller footprint than the DV camcorder I was using, and efficient for putting on the computer.....
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