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I would like to buy a digicam and i was looking at the Canon sx100 and the A720 IS.

Which one should i buy?

I am an amateur photographer, and i am just graduating to digital photography.

My budget is ( Upto) 400 $ . I like photographing people and buildings . I have read tons of reviews on both cameras , but the more i read the more confused i get!

The manual focus on the A720IS is a + , but again some of the other features of the SX 100 are attractive.

I am not really keen on the entry level digicams, like the powershot 580 , as my original plan was to get a DSLR- the Nikon D60.

Can someone help please.


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I own the A720IS but not the SX100, though I've played around with it and read about it. Here's what I see are the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Price - The prices on both have come down a lot. The SX100 is now about $35 more than the A720 (online pricing). Advantage A720.
Picture quality - Both take excellent pictures. The SX100's pictures appear to be a bit more saturated and are probably more pleasing to the average consumer. Slight advantage SX100
Zoom - The A720's range is from 35mm to 210mm, while the SX100's range is from 36mm to 360mm. Advantage SX100
Flash recycle - Both have a long delay between flashes. Even
LCD Screen - The resolution of the A720 is 115,000 pixels, though it's still a good looking screen. The resoultion of the SX100 is 172,000 pixels. Advantage SX100
Optical viewfinder - The A720 has one, the SX100 doesn't. Advantage A720.
Full manual options - Both have them. Even
Ergonomics - The A720 is smaller and more comfortable, especially for one handed shooting. Advantage A720.

Overall, the SX100 is superior in picture quality, zoom and LCD screen, while the A720 is superior in price, the presence of an optical viewfinder and ergonomics.
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If I were you, I think I will choose Canon SX100.


Youcan see it. Maybe helps.
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Thanks Andy and Ghtyoui998 ,

From what you say, the picture quality should be the deciding factor and so the SX100 Scores over the A720 IS.

I will check them out this week.

Thanks Again.

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I bought the Canon SX100 IS sometimes back

I am pleased with it.

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