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interested_observer May 12, 2008 11:33 AM

My wife's Kodak DX4900 camera is dying. Battery door flapping the in the breeze and its not turning on/off quite so well - with the lens going in or out sometimes - or sometimes not.

She loves it for the Kodak easy share software (the old old version) - its (was) simple. She hates it for the shutter lag. She uses it to take pictures of her Guinea Pigs at shows and her various litters. She posts the shots to the internet and to the group's newsletters (black and white), and that's about it.

I suspect that since we had to upgrade the easy share software (she is still not sure about the new version) when she got her new PC that she will adapt.

The real key is the shutter lag. MP (3MP) and zoom (3x) are not a concern since everyone covers her needs. She does not use a viewfinder at all. She does use the flash quite a bit - even with her light box (a blanket and the table lamps from the dining room). Shutter lag is important to get the picture while they are still holding still before they run off....

So what simple P&S camera has a low shutter lag - and also a low shot to shot lag (when not using the flash).

I have been thinking about the TZ5, but I have not looked at nor tried it out yet. I have my old SD500 that is still going strong, but she is looking at me cross eyed (as in you will not buy me a NEW camera - can't win for even trying).

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