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I read several reviews ofsome of the point and shoot cameras from a year to 18 months ago. I don't need high pixel counts or large size optical zoom capabilities. From what I've read a 3 mega pixel camera should work just fine for what I want it to do. Where can I find NEWcameras that haven't been used (nor returned and being re-sold)? I did somesearches and just didn't find them listed. The various mfrs's. own sites list their new models only. Any suggestions on where to find the older models?

Thank you. SARA
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It would be pretty tough to find a new 3 Megapixel Camera from a major manufacturer (unless you got very lucky and found one that's been sitting on a dealer shelf for years). I don't think any major manufacturer of digital cameras has made one in over 4 years now (and it's probably been closer to 8 years ago when they started making 3MP consumer models).

Even if you do find one, keep in mind that it may not be a very good performer (Autofocus speed, cycle times between photos, etc.) compared to a newer camera. You may also find problems like the internal button batteries being used to keep the date/time when swapping the main batteries being dead. Depending on the memory card type, you may also have difficulty fnding one to use in a camera that old (since some memory card types have been obsolete and no longer manufacturered for years, and are very hard to find on dealer shelves).

What is it that you want to shoot (and in what conditions), and what do you want to use the images for (viewing or print size needed).

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