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It's been a while since i've been around... since I bought my XTI as a matter of fact (in 06 if I remember right).

My wife and I (ok... MOSTLY me) are considering selling the XTI and picking up a replacement. We talked last night about what we love about it (besides just being an slr)... and what we wished we had.

What we love: image quality... and that's about it. Yeah, really. We can't say what else about our XTI we like above all other low/mid slrs other than that.
What we wish we had: image stable in body, weather sealing, and mostly for my wife... live view.

We figure, most anything has solid image quality locked down these days, but she hates not having the live view as an option, and I have to admit there have been more than a couple times I would have LOVED to have the A300/A350 with the moveable LCD for shooting over my head or low to the ground. We of course have rain covers for the camera and bag, bulb/cloths for dust, and a fantastic tripod for when we have the chance to use it.

We dont NEED to change... but I would love the capability to shoot in snow/rain without a vein popping out every time with the Canon incase I didn't get the covers "just right".

For indoor shooting, the build in IS would be great as well. I had the A100 for a bit before the XTI and enjoyed that before returning two of them due to the viewfinder not being level.

Finally we come to my problem (if you took the time to make it this far, I thank you)... I can't seem to settle on a camera to replace my XTI (or decide that it isn't the right time and move on).

I want as I said: solid IQ, built in IS, weathersealing, decent liveview. I really don't care about keeping the couple extra lenses I have now, I will just sell my 50mm 1.8, and 70-300 sigma APO.

Is there a camera for me that isn't crazy expensive?

A700 has no live view, A300/350 has no dust/moisture sealing. However they do have that great live view w/ the moving LCD for us, plus the solid IS and up to 14mp should I upgrade the glass to actually use it (from what I read it is a bit much for the kit).

K200d has no live view, and keeps the same 10mp and similar image processing as my XTI

E-3 and k20d are both probably out of my budget

XSI has some nice upgrades from my XTI but none that I am terribly concerned with, nor do any of the Nikons.

Are we just a year ahead of ourselves? Are one of these features pointless for a reason we're missing?

Any input is very much appreciated for my sanity

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Decide which you want more - the Sony's live view or the Pentax K20's weather seals with some live view capability. If the answer comes down on the weather sealing, wait until it's closer to the fall - the prices on the K20 have already dropped about $100 from its initial offering, 1,000 but its a really nice camera. If it comes down on the better live view, thenget theSony. If you aren't willing to compromise (with the Canon XTI I can understand why you might not want to compromise), you can wait until the next round of cameras come out, but I wouldn't think that weather sealingwith better live view are going to come any cheaper.
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Hello there mtngal. I was hoping you'd drop in as I like your advice as a long time reader.

I wish the k200d had live view and was even just a touch more expensive than it is now, but it is a pretty solid jump to 1500+ from what I can see for a k20d with even a basic lens.

I am looking around at the Samsung GX20 to save a BIT of that as a possible option.

To get what I want, I may just need to realise that 1400 and up is where I need to look, but it just pains me to do so.

It just seems to me that there should be a near 1k camera with IS, solid liveview, weathersealing, 10+mp, and a solid sensor/mirror combo. Everyone has cameras below 1k that is missing one of these options. Kick the price up 100-200 bucks and gimme what I want hehe. Sadly we all know more MP sells.

Really what I am looking for is to see if there is a camera I am missing out there. You're right that I probably won't pick or choose one of those options. With my XTI (and non digital rebel) before that there have been more than one occasion where I wish I had each of these features, and it doesn't make sense to me to change from a solid setup to something else without having everything I want.

Any other thoughts, I thank you

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