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Hi, I need a camera to take resonably detailed photos of dents and scrapes on cars both day and night.

I am not sure what camera to get. Can any of you recommend one?

Would there any point in getting a digital SLR or would a standard digital camera do the trick?
Would I need to use a lens filter if it is a sunny day?
Also would I need to worry about shutter speed or anything if its quite dark?


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I photograph a fair number of motor vehicle accidents in my line of work and I use a Fuji S9100 and it does the job. Just a standard UV fiulter attached is all. At night I use a sunpack 383 flash. For closeup shots the internal flash make work but if you need a wide angle at night an external or wide angle flash is a must. Many time i need pictures of the entire side of a vehicle or the front bumper corner and side of the vehicle.

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At night, as Photo5 indicated and he was using an external flash,you will be using flash and the more powerful the better. So your distance (in feet) will be a defining factor. Most digicams can push their flash out to 10 to 12 feet only. However, one exception that I know about, is the Sony H-3, which can take excellent flash photos with the camera's built-in flash at 20 feet.

I hope that helps.

Sarah Joyce
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