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Good day, I am new to this forum, but in the past have always looked at Steve's reviews on cameras etc. My husband and Iown a Minolta X-700 and a Pentax Super (which we haven't really used now for years). We've had several compact digitals when they first came out and the last digital was a Kodak P-850 (which got stolen). So nowwe really want a nice digital and although we have looked, just don't know what direction to go in! We would like to go for a DSLR, but also would consider a high end point and shoot digital camera. A lot of the DSLR's seem so heavy and I would like something that's a medium weight/size. Here's what we would likein a camera: First of all very good quality (HQ)pictures (of course), something not too bulky or heavy, the ability to shoot using theLCD screen or viewfinder, the ability to use manual or aperture or shutter priority and night settings etc, somthing with a fast shutter response. The problem with the Kodak was that by the time the darn thing took the picture especially when movement was involved the subject was gone or my image was blurred. I'm not reallyintrested in changing lenses. If I got a camera that had a lensthat had a good range (without being too big) I'd be happy. We've looked at a Canon DSLR G9, an Olympus E410, Fugifilm FP, a Sony and a Canon (can't find my paper with info-God I hate getting old!) Anyways... we have been leaning toward a DSLR, but I was thinking if we could get a High end Point and shoot it might do most of what we want. We would be taking mostly family pictures (we're grandparents now), vacation pics, and some scenery stuff. I would prefer a lithium battery or something that will last a good length of time. Also looking to spend somewhere between $600-800. Also, if it takes video ..fine, but we have a video camera, so this is not really important to us. Thanks for any help, any suggestions.

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First, any lenses you have for the Minolta X-700 won't work with current dSLRs, but lenses you have for the Pentax Super may work fine on a Pentax dSLR, and the new K200D has 'Live View' and is one of the lighter dSLRs on the market. So you might want to take a look at it, especially since you may already have some lenses for it.

Second, by virtue of several features and enhancements, any dSLR will outperform a P&S digicam. But if you really want a single lens solution for a dSLR, you might be better off with a superzoom digicam. Making good lenses for dSLRs is more difficult than for P&S digicams, and a big zoom lens on a P&S digicam will often outperform a big zoom lens on a dSLR.

There are a number of dSLRs that will fit within your budget, but a selection of appropriate lenses will definitely put you over budget. You haven't described what type(s) of photography you would like to pursue, so I can't guess what lenses you might need. But presuming you already have some lenses that would work with the Pentax K200D, I think that should be the first place for you to look.
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You might want to take a look at the new Nikon P-80 bridge camera. It covers a very nice focal length, 28mm to 504mm (in 35mm terms), it is small, lightweight, and it has a great feature set. I too have used both fiml and digital DSL cameras for years. However, I got tired of carrying around a substantial(weighty)kit bag containing the DSLR camera, an extra lens or two, andan external flash.

So today I travel lightly with a verycapable bridge camera, and have a whole lot more fun and no sore shoulders either. I have attached a sample P-80 photo for you.

Sarah Joyce

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I'm pretty sure that the Pentax K200 does not have live view, so you can't use the LCD for shooting, only for reviewing. The K20 has live view, but it doesn't meet your other criteria since it is one of the heavier dSLR cameras, as well as being way beyond your budget. Both of the Pentax cameras are excellent, will work with any Pentax lens ever made (the reason why I bought one several years ago - I have several lenses that went with a Pentax ME bought in 1980), but I'm not so sure it would be the best fit for you.

Have you looked at the Oly E510? It is one of the lightest and since it has a somewhat smaller sensor, the lenses are smaller and lighter. The two lens kit would fit into your budget, has in-cameraanti-shake,and it offers live view. From your post, I would put it very high on your priority list.
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Thank you so much for suggestions, information and advice. I will check out the suggestioned cameras. I will definitely check out the Nikon bridge camera as I was impressed with the photo. Thanks again.
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