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As I mentioned I have pretty well narrowed it down to the A650, A720, and S5. Is there anything as far as imagine quality that sets these three apart? I haven't been able to find comparison photos for the three, which is somewhat frustrating. The price difference will be huge for me. The A720 will be about $200, and the A650 and S5 would both be around $360.

I have already purchased and messed around with the S5, now I am fairly new to these fancy pants cameras so I have a feeling the images i produced were lacking in quality do to that fact. I didnt have much of a window for return, so I may have to go and purchase it again for another test run. I currently have in my possession an A720, I haven't been able to get out and to some great testing yet but I hope to this weekend. As far as look and feel the A720 is pretty well the same size and weight of my old Powershot A70 (what I am looking to upgrade from). Both the S5 and A720 have been comfortable in my hand.

I am looking for a camera to grow into,so the manual functions are appealing to me. But is there going to be a big difference in photo quality between these three? or is it pretty well down to bells and whistles (ex.larger zoom vs. compactability. swivel screen vs. no swivel etc)

The more i read up on these cameras, the more confused and undecided I get. I have read reviews praising the S5, and I have read some that turn me off completely. I have also read reviews that say the A720 will produce photos of equal or BETTER quality when compared to the S5. If anyone has any advice/pointers/anything to offer, I will certainly be greatful.

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The S5IS and the A720 each have the DIGIC III processor, 8 megapixels and the same 1/2.5 inch sensor. The only difference seems to be the lens. Therefore you'd expect the IQ to be similar.

The A650 has the DIGIC III processor but has 12 megapixels and a larger 1/1.7 inch sensor. However, the density of the pixels on the sensor is about the same as with the other two cameras. The A650 appears to have the same lens as the A720. So you'd expect the IQ to be similar as well.

In looking at the sample images, I find them very much alike.
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Thanks for the reply, and the links! it is nice being able to see some side by side comparisons.

I don't think I can justify going with the S5 or A650 for hundreds more,though the 12x zoom is appealing.. I don't know if I can let myself spend that kind of money just for more zoom.

Is there anything either of these three cameras will excel at? I have read the S5 does great video, but aside from that?
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Dents wrote:
Is there anything either of these three cameras will excel at? I have read the S5 does great video, but aside from that?
What do you wanta camerato excel at? Basically if these three are the only ones you're interested in then the choice is simply selecting the feature set/price. All are good cameras.

Here is anothersite that compares the A720IS and the S5IS under somewhat controlled conditions (and many other cameras, just not the A650):

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I havent looked at the other 2, but the S5 has a great macro mode. It can even focus on things touching the lens.
The swivel LCD is also great if you want to take photos from a very low or high perspective and dont want to guess.

When I just started getting into the more advanced cameras, the 2 things I wanted to be able to do was photograph the moon, do good macro's, and take shots in low light. The first two the S5 is great at, and at the low light shots I would say better than 99% of compacts out there due to the IS and relatively fast lens.
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