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Hello lovely Steve's people, I have been lurking for a few days reading through some fascinating stuff and learnt things I wish I hadn't which have made the decision process a lot harder. The more you know the harder it gets :?

So I'm off to work in Florida over the summer and I figure all and sundry will have a stills camera. I'd like to be able to take some decent video footage hopefully vlogging my way through the summer (it's quicker than writing eh)

I've seen some of thestuff likeI'd like to take onyoutube and so many of the videos are barely watchable... I'm guessing that's thanks to youtube's compression but some of them seem to come out alright - is this becasue they were perphaps done at a lower frame rate ergo not fiddled with? Or a smaller file size like the h.264 (was that the name/is that even relevant!)?

So I'd like decent video. But when I say decent I mean to look nice and non pixely on youtube and if that means technically lower quality then I'm all for it. I'd also like pretty good stills. Wonder shots not required, and although the idea is nice I doubt I'd use many manual controls for either video or stills.

And here's the crunch I want small small small! As in, I went toTCR to play withthe new Sanyo CG9 t'other day and in comparison to the CG65 it felt like a beast! Am I overreacting!

So I looked online at the HD700 as I've heard it is the same dimensions as the CG65? It sounds pretty good to me but then again, how would it look on youtube and since I have no real use for the HD right now (except for gadget-lust and actually I could put it on Vimeo couldn't I - looks pretty good on there), I'm wondering if it's worth the extra cash and if I won't just want to upgrade to something newer and shinier next year...

I'm in the UK and know little about Aiptek and these other companies except what I have read on here. I guessbrand familiarity has drawn me away from them but if there is something I'm seriously missing out on there please do let me know. I'd rather have it before I go but if there's any advantage in buying once I'm over there then I could consider that.

I will mostly be taking videos either in the Florida sun, in my room vloggingor of fireworks yay! And as I'm sure some of you are aware, itpours it downat circa 4pm everyday over there. Waterproof worth the extra bulk and price? It's not like I want anyone taking pics of me swimming eerrggh wouldn't inflict that on anyone.

Budget - up to around £250 but lower the better. I can get the HD700 for £242 online which is why I say 250!

And FINALLY (sorry) it would be nice to be able to do some editing in the camera. I'm not intending to take my laptop with me. There are computer labsthere and i will have my beautiful N810 with me for quick interneting.

Willing to consider pretty much anything!

Thanks for any advice, congrats for reaing this far!

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