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I'm looking at getting a new digital camera and need useful unbiased input. It's mostly to photograph kids sports and other activities. Would require a good photo if at a distance on the field. Might like to have larger than normal photos (5x7 or 8x10). Something that can do in action photo's with clarity. Good Image Stabilization. Also, the occasional short movie, (with sound). Would love face recognition to make sure his face is focussed as good as possible. Heard of smile recognition? Not sure what that is but if it's what I'm thinking, why not? Unless the feature is costly.

I'm looking at; Canon S5 IS, Fuji S1000fd, Kodak Z1012 IS, Nikon P80, Pan. Lum DMC-FZ18, & Sony H50.

I don't really want to spend the 400.00 for the Sony, so I'm trying to go below that price. However I don't want to wish I had a more adequate camera in a month. I have a compact Kodak 3.2 mp point & shoot which I can use for indoors or just to have in a pocket.

I'm looking to get something that I can use to zoom in on my son from a distance, say from the stands while he is on 2nd base or lining up in football. Since zoom is a desire I assume I will need a decent Image Stabilization camera, which may discard the Fuji (unless there is some other comparable model I'm unaware of). I like the IS on the Canon, it seemed to be the most stable out of all of these, but 8 mp compared to 10, will I notice the difference? It also is 12x zoom as apposed to the 18x on the Nikon and Panasonic. It seems like most mp and zoom goes to Nikon and it's about the same price as the others, except for the Fuji which is noticeably less. I did not have every setting the same when I tested so I believe I wasn't exactly comparing apples to apples.

I just need the best picture and would like a camera that does not require me to focus like an old school camera. If ease of use is of note please inform as mom will take a lot of photos since I'm usually coaching and sometimes cannot take the pictures I would like.

Also, at a camera shop I heard something odd, to me anyway. The guy behind the case advised that the Megapixels declared size of the picture. Doesn't a megapixel reference a dot on the LCD that carries color? He tried to explain, and when I questioned him he seemed to fumble around. If I have a 10 mp camera it doesn't mean I'm printing 11x14 photos. It basically refers to the clarity doesn't it? Since it's putting more spots for color and definition in a specified space?:?:?:?
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I would recommend the Panasonic FZ18 from those you have mentioned. It's 18x optical zoom is good, and it has other features that are very useful. Here's a blog to give you more information from someone that has it;


The zoom is longer than the S5 IS, which is a good quality camera. To get those zoomed in shots on base, you need the longer reach, and IS. Here are photos taken at baseball games using the FZ18;


And here are photos taken with the S5 IS;


More megapixels does mean you can print larger photos. You can also crop your images and still be able to print quality photos at modest sizes. Here's a chart page explaining this concept. Keep in mind that you will most likely never print at 300 dots per inch, but perhaps at 200 dpi.


A megapixel is not referring in this case to the pixels displaying the image on your LCD. It does refer to the number of pixels captured on your camera's image sensor (CCD - charged coupled device for nearly all point and shot cameras).


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