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I'm a long-time Canon Powershot user... still use an S1 IS, an SD850, and even an older SD450, that got dropped on concrete, and my wife "fixed" it by shoving the lens assembly closed - and it works fine now. Anyway..

I'm far from a professional photographer, but I'm very tempted by the performance offered by the low-end dSLR's I read about here, and elsewhere, the XT, XS, D40, D60, etc. I wouldn't really mind lugging around a dSLR, as I'll probably just get one lens for it, and leave it at that.

I'm also thinking about a Powershot G9, as it gets great reviews, and it's talked about as Canon's "prosumer" model, but what I'm wondering, is it that much better than say, my SD850? They both have the DIGIC III processor, so should the G9 be faster than what I'm use to, or does it just offer the control of ISO that you can't get with the SD850?

What I'm really wondering is, should I just aim for a Powershot G9, as I've tried it in a local Circuit City, and it seemed pretty responsive.. or should I consider a low-end dSLR?

Thanks all!
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What types of photography do you do?

The fact that you say you'd buy just one lens for the DSLR would indicate to me it might be more down side than up in your case to have a DSLR. But that depends on what you need out of your next camera. The truth is that if you are just into general photography you may notice very little difference between the results out of te G9 and the results out of a DSLR. So what types of photography are you interested in?And what features does your new camera need to have?
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Not very demanding needs, primarily family stuff. No real action- or sports-related stuff.

I'm primarily after speed, I want to turn it on, and be able to shoot immediately, without that focus/whatever LAG so common to regular point-n-shoots.

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Sounds to me like you would be more at home with the SD950 IS, since it has the G9 sensor. You would be more likely to carry it around all the time, and have "instant" availablity to take your photos. The 12MP images could be cropped to give you a more zoomed in image without the longer lenses.

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