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Sorry, a rather typical newbie-post. Have lurked on and off on this forum over the last few years, but only just got around to registering.
I've spent some time going through a lot of threads in the ‘hybrid' section, but still haven't managed to find a decent conclusive answer.
At the moment I have two Archos bullet-camera systems and a VIO POV1 that I use for various motorbike and other similar stuff.

First off, I'm in the UK where we don't get as big a range as in the US, however may well be able to order from abroad (though want it within a couple of weeks).

I'm looking to get something to record HD video mounted on a motorbike. So writing to SD card and for this one, the budget limits it to Chinese brands really (under £200, ideally under £100 - $400/200).

Codec kinda stuff:
720p or better.
* Able to handle pretty fast motion (ie 100mph looking backwards on a bike.
* Ideally not using up too much space per minute, so with a 16gb card it'll last a few hours.

Needs to handle vibration ok.
Light weight would be nice (have stuck on old digilife in the band of my goggles and used as a helmet camera before)
* I would like it to be able to record while being powered externally, though I could always try and make a fake battery with connections.

General Video:
*Fixed focus, or auto focus quick enough to handle the pace.
Acceptable low light, but doesn't have to be great.
Zoom not important

* The requirements I've starred are the ones I'm not so sure on.

Any suggestions; there's so many choices I'm having trouble working out if any's much better than the others.
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