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Hey guys,

Since my last Samsung A7 point and shoot broke I've been lost without it. I loved the cam but it broke to many times (electronic without dropping etc).

I'm now looking for a advance digital camera, it has to have a adjustable aperture and exposure.

(The more adjustable/advance the better!)

It has to have a very, very good auto focus (centre point) and a good bright AF light. Face recongition is not needed.

A close macro is needed.

I do not want any blurriness (I own a tripod but rather not use it unless I have to!), noise or color bleeding, so it has to have a very good sensor.

I tend not to use flash, as it ruins the quality of the image for close up work. Although I might use it once and a while but it doesn't really matter how well it works.

I use my camera to take pictures of small mechanical items and remote control models about a meter long (max).

Sometimes the parts I need to take pictures of are in dark areas where shadows are (like in the frame of the model).

I take pictures outside and inside (inside mostly).

I put 90% of the pictures I take online, so a good sensor is preferred over a high megapixel one, although I do sometimes print up to A4 size.

It also has to be reliable etc .

It can be massive, I'm not worried one bit about size, bigger actually is probably better as it allows a better grip.

Max price 200 UK pounds. That's around 420$, it's a little more than I want to spend but I don't mind.

Thanks, any recommendations are greatly appreciated. (For the above needs)

Edit: Kind of excited about getting a new one, specially with you guys recommending one with the above things needed!

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Any recommendations are welcome. Thank you in advance.

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You might want to take a look at the Canon A-590 IS. I think might meet your need nicely.

Sarah Joyce
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Old Aug 17, 2008, 6:05 AM   #4
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Hello Sarah,

The A590 is is the kind of camera I'm looking for. Looking at some reviews though I found out that the image is noisy even at low ISO settings such as 200 and 400.

I don't mind spending a bit more cash for one with a better sensor.

How about the class="post"Canon Powershot A720?

The Canon A650 is another option but the review said once again it suffers in the dark too...

The thing that worries me on the Powershot range (although I do love the Canon cameras) is the fact that you have to use the lowest ISO (~200) to get no or little noise according to the reviews.

Is this really the case in the real world performance?

Thank you!
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The Fuji F100fd might interest you though it might cost too much in the UK. It's good in low light.
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Point and shoot cameras tend to be noisy at higher ISO's because the sensor size is so small. The Canon A650IS has one of the larger sensors for point and shoot cameras at 1/1.7 inches. The Fuji F100fd has an even larger sensor, at 1/1.6 inches, but it doesn't have manual controls.

The new Panasonic LX3 has a relatively large 1/1.63 inch sensor and manual controls. It may have better low light ability than the Canon A650IS, though it will cost you about $500, the same as an introductory DSLR like the Sony A200, which has very good low light ability.
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Thank you both very much.

The Canon Powershot A650 IS looks very nice, it suits my needs well.

Perhaps a little pricey, comes to just over my budget. I know, I know, just buy it but it's a little too much.

It's either buy the Canon Powershot A650 IS abroad which is risky... But can be had for around about 100 pounds less.

Or find one with a slightly lower spec. It seems the A650 IS is quite new (2007?)

Thank you.

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