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If you were planning to buy a Panasonic FZ-18 or Canon S5, would you wait for new models or buy now.

  • I could wait if needed[/*]
  • Panasonic FZ28 is announced[/*]
  • No replacement announced yet for S5.[/*]
  • Let's not worry about price premium for new model
So question really is will new models be substantially better and worth waiting for. I already know the feature changes on the FZ28, so no reason to rehash.

This is an opinion only question, so all input is valued

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The anouncement on the replacement for the Canon S-5 should come within the next 30 days.

The FZ-28 had already ben announced. The change on the FZ-28 is that it will use a Venus 4 procesor, rather than the Venus 3 processor used on the FZ-18. That means that the FZ-28e will use the same procesor as the LX-3 and the LZ-8. That will enable beter high ISO capability for the FZ-28.

Acording to http://www.canonrumors.com we should expect the S-6 to be rather like the S-5 with an increace in the megapixel count to 10 plus a few other minor changes.

If waiting was no inconvenience to you, I would certainly do so.

I just determined that the FZ-28 is indeed available and shipping. The street price is around $(US) 380.00 to 390.00 and it is 10mp.

Sarah Joyce
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