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i want to shoot short tennis video clips 1 minute or less and play them on quicktime on a laptop next to the court and then post some of them on my website and i am getting confused as to buying a camera. i want to have a good quality clip but not to difficult to transfer over which format is best and which cameras should i consider any help would be appreciated thank you
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Welcome. I've moved your thread down to our What Camera Should I Buy? Forum, where members are more likely to see it and offer suggestions.

You may also want to ask your questions in our Hybrid Still/Movie/MP3 Digicams Forum, where you'll find members that are more familiar with various video formats, and can give you some tips their pros and cons.

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Avideo camcorder will be more suitable unless you need a "stills" camera for other reasons. For tennis, you will want a reasonable zoom for recording stroke play from the back of the court, and most compacts offer only 3x zoom. A tripod gives better quality video and then a remote control is handy.

A Stills/video camera gives you the ability to view clips on a laptop (assuming your laptop has a card reader), but more camcorders can also now record to flash memory for easy transfer. If you do use a tripod, you'll need to be able to remove the flash memory easily. With both stills/video cameras or camcorders with flash memory, I would avoid the high definition video due to the difficulty of playing clips on PCs. Standard definition video will be fine.

Before spending money, it would be worth borrowing a camera/camcorder and trying out the recording and transfer to the laptop for immediate viewing - it will help you choose between camera/camcorder and then you can research the different models within your budget.

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