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Just got a FZ 18 and was wondering if there is a telephoto lens that you would recommend to get in ever closer on far away subjects. Made a trip to the local Zoo with the family today and wanted to get in closer to alot of the animals but was not able to do so even with the 18x zoom. My other option is to save up and get a DSLR with lenses however think the add on lens may be the answer as well as being alot cheaper on the pocket.

Any suggestions?

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I think you are better off adding a teleconverter on your FZ18 than to move up to a DSLR. Reason:

You are not happy that the highest telephoto level of about 500mm (35mm film camera equivalent) on your FZ18. Adding a 1.7X converter increase this to over 800mm. If you move up to DSLR, the camera body is relatively inexpensive, but I doubt you can find any DSLR zoom lens which has comparable telephoto power, at a decent price. Maybe a fixed focal length DSLR tele lens + teleconverter combo, but I really doubt.


You need a Panasonic adaptor DMW-LA3 to fit a teleconverter onto the FZ18. This adaptor allows you to attach converters (or filters) with 55mm thread onto your camera.

Then you have some choices of teleconverters:

Panasonic has its own 1.7X teleconverter (DMW-LT55)

Olympus 1.7X teleconverter (TCON-17) (also has 55 mm thread and cheaper than the Panasonic adaptor. This is NOT specifically designed for the FZ18, but many users have reported good results with their FZ series cameras) [IMPORTANT: you want the "TCON-17" and NOT other versions like TCON-17F or TCON-17C, just "TCON-17")

Lesser name brands like Raynox DCR PRO series (various models from 1.5-2X) - I don't prefer these because (1) they do not have 55mm thread therefore you need a step ring to match the size of the front threads of your adaptor to the rear threads of your teleconverter (2) the Olympus is VERY reasonably priced and is from a reputable name brand.


You may shop around for these items but a good place to start is B&H Photo Video, a reputable seller in USA:

Panasonic DMW-LT55 teleconverter:


Olympus TCON17 teleconverter:


Raynox teleconverters:

http://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/controller/home?O=search&A=search&Q=&sb=bs%2Cuppe r(ds)&sq=asc&sortDrop=Brand%3A+A+to+Z& ac=&bsi=&bhs=t&ci=8464&shs=&at =Brand_Raynox&basicSubmit=Submit+Query

B&H doen't sell the Panasonic DMW-LA3 adaptor, but you can find it on the Panasonic website:


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