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(I have a Sony DSC-T100 and DSC-T300, and a new Fujifilm S100FS. I also have a no longer used Fujifilm S5100. [I stopped using the S5100 when I got the DSC-T100: the S5100 probably has noise, but the 1cm focusing distance and the ability to carry the T100 all of the time made the S5100 not worth the effort).

Problems of SLRs:
. mirror
. focal plane shutter - so get movementartifacts and bad flash synch
. dirt when change lens

Advantages of SLRs:
. continuous view until mirror moves, but focused on mirror doesn't mean focused on sensor.
. interchangeable lens.
. automatic focus evidentally works better off of the mirror than without the mirror (assuming nothing is misaligned.)

As far as I'm concerned, I'd rather have a shutter in each lens if electronic shutter on the sensor is not possible. (I'm told a shutter on each lens would be about US$100.Compared toa US$100 lens I'd use the non-interchangeable lens anyhow; compared to a US$1000 lens and US$8000 body an $100 is no big deal. With a $500 body I cared about the cost difference between a $200 and $500 lens; if I had an $8000 body I wouldn't care about the cost of a $300 lens as compared to a $1100 lens, since I wouldn't have more than about 4 lenses and probably have are spending another $3000 on memory cards.)
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