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sofia pepper Aug 21, 2008 9:11 AM


Can somebody please help me on the decision of buying a A650 IS or a S5 IS??

I don't want a very big camera so I can always carry it with me, but I want something that can give some pictures quality.

If there is another one that can be better than this two and the price is on the same level as them, you are welcome to tell me too.

Thank you

Sophie Pepper

mtclimber Aug 21, 2008 10:01 AM


To more effective handle your request, can you please tell us (1) Your budget, (2) the kind of photos you like to take, (3) will you be making large prints (in excess of 8" X 10"), and (4) What are the lighting conditions you generally shoot under?


Sarah Joyce

sofia pepper Aug 22, 2008 4:42 AM

Hi mtclimber,

Thanks for your quick reply.

when I first bought a digital camera it was to help me on my work, I was doing a master and because I was always needing to take photos from models (architectural and design) and using it on presentations.In this days Istill need a camera to the same purposals as I told before to work.The camera I used before was a Canon Powershot A85...

I also have a reflex and thats why I know I don't want such a big camera, I almost never use it...even if I love the photos I make with it...I'm also a photography addicted and I like to be with it always on my purse.

So, the camera should be to work and to daily photos. Something that can work between that two factors.

The size of S5 IS is ok.

Answering to your questions I must say:

1)until 350 euros...(I saw that this two cameras I told you about are from that budget)

2) - Modeling photos. - Presentations work. - Inspiring to my work. - Postcards. -

3) I don't really make huge prints, A3 are normally the biggest can happen that I need to a bigger wallpapper presentation but is very rare, if it happens it don't go further than A2.

I hope this can help you to make a good sugestion...

Thank you!


AndyfromVA Aug 22, 2008 7:44 AM

The A650IS is more similar to your previous camera, the Canon A85, than the S5IS. The S5IS is larger, has more optical zoom and has a flash hotshoe. However, the S5IS has a smaller sensor than the A650IS and it's not as good as the A650IS in low light shooting situations.

Canon is going to announce its new cameras very soon and it's expected that there will be a new version of the S5 (the S6IS?), perhaps the A650IS (A660IS?) and the A720IS (A730IS?). If you can wait a little while, it might be worth it to see what Canon has come up with.

mtclimber Aug 22, 2008 12:53 PM


Your decision most probably is based on this question:How much zoom do I need?
Both the Canon S-5IS and the A-650IS are good cameras. Yes, the imager (CCD) on the A-650IS is larger. The increased size of the imager is only required because the added megapixels require it.

I actually favor the Canon S-5IS camera. or the S-6IS if you want to wait for the new models. The S-5IS offers you more zoom and the option to use an external flash which is a real advantage.

Sarah Joyce

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