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A good place to start your search would be Steve's Best Cameras List (a list of camera deemed to be a good value within their market niche). You'll see a Digital SLR category.

If you're not in a big hurry, you may also want to wait a few weeks, as photokina (a large photography trade show held once every two years) is next month, and it's not uncommon to see a lot of announcements for new camera models leading into this show.

I'd also let members know what you're interested in shooting (subjects, conditions), as some models may be better suited for some types of photography compared to others (with lens choice entering into the equation). Ditto for your budget (including lenses).

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I feel your pain. I would dearly love a feature-stripped DSLR with old-style controls that let you concentrate on picture taking rather than operating a computer. If they could put a high-end sensor in that camera that would be ideal.

For the moment the Canon 5D comes pretty close, it's what I'm using now. Alas there is every chance that Canon, in a misguided bid to compete feature-for-feature with Nikon, will completely ruin the 5D successor.

Anyway, within a given price bracket, most cameras are almost equal in image quality. So I would echo what has been said previously, go to a big store that will let you actually hold all the cameras you are considering. If it feels good then that's probably good enough.

Of course if your budget stretches to it you really should have a look at the Leica M8.

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