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I'm looking for a camera around the price of the Canon XSI 450D, which looks great to me.

Are there any others you'd recommend. Ultimately printed picture quality is utmost, I'm not too bothered about frills.

I hate moire and purple fringes and lenses that blur at the corners!

thanks folks.
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Perhaps your best course of action is to identify what types of photography you want to persue, identify lenses that will serve those purposes best, and buy the camera that those lenses will mount on.

So, what do you want to shoot?
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well, it will probably be a lot of landscape shots, quite dark sometimes, also portraits. I like natural looking pics with great definition. I like flat looking shots, I dont like the wide angle look you get with some lenses and I'm not bothered about a zoom lens. Perhaps a 50mm?

If I print I'd like to be able to print up to 16 x 12 anyway with sharp results, or is this asking too much of a dSLR in this price range.

I'm terrible at the technical side of photography (you might have guessed) despite using cameras for years as an artist.

I already have a pentax 6x7 with two lenses. Could these be used on a dSLR?? This digital thing is all new to me.
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I already have a pentax 6x7 with two lenses. Could these be used on a dSLR?? This digital thing is all new to me.
Pentax made a 6x7 to K mount adapter at one time. The current Pentax dSLR line uses K mount lenses. But, they're pretty hard to find anymore (it's my understanding that this adapter is no longer being manufactured). Here's a listing for one at B&H. It's out of stock:


You can find third party adapters. Here's one example (but I don't know about the quality, and you'd have to research the vendor yourself):


But, keep in mind that the smaller sensor used in a dSLR will place much higher demands on the lens quality needed for best results. So, a lens that resolved plenty of detail for your 6x7 camera, may not be capable of resolving the desired detail for a smaller film or sensor size.

Also, you'll have much greater depth of field with a dSLR for any given focal length, subject framing and aperture, and you'll have a much narrower angle of view (more apparent magnification). That's probably going to take some getting used to.

Your lenses will also appear to be much longer from an angle of view perspective. For example, you'd have roughly the same angle of view using an 18mm lens on a dSLR with an APS-C size sensor that you would using a 55mm lens on your 6x7 camera. That's why most of the kit lenses start out at around 18mm for a dSLR.

So, you may find that your existing lenses are not practical for something like landscapes when used on a camera with a smaller sensor or film size, because of the narrower angle of view for a given focal length (and you may also find the quality lacking compared to lenses designed for a smaller film or sensor size).

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Ok I might forget the adaptor idea then. What about the best camera and lens for my needs?

thanks for the replies
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at entry level dslr's usually perform very similarly. of course there are some performance differences. but thats something u will have to decide for your self.

like where as a200 does not offer live view, a lot of old school photographers switching to dslr wont even care about that feature or simply won't even use it on their a350.

while canon will offer a little better iso performance @ iso1600 compared to sony and olympus, some will only shoot in raw and prefer to remove the noise for themselves.

image sharpness etc. u are talking about will heavily depend on your choice of lenses. if you want to rely on the kit lens(s) that comes with canon or sony or olympus u will most likely be somewhat disappointed. none of the kit lenses with entry level dslr's offer highly professional quality.

having said that i am not saying kit lenses are useless or bad. those lenses are still as expensive as a complete digital camera (a good one that is). at $250 (this is usually what the kit lenses retail for). they are usually decent pieces of glass. (considering olympus sp550 is only $250-300 or pretty much alot of bridge cameras).

i think your focus could be a little more on how much the accessories and lenses will cost you. (thank god there is ebay). while sony's accessories are a little on the expensive side right now sony offers the widest range of lenses at lowest prices. for portraits and similar photography you would really appreciate a 50mm f/1.7 minolta lens which you can find for around $100 easily. or for zooming needs instead of getting the sony kit lens sal75300 (which has lots of blurring). u could easily get a minolta 200mm lens which offers much superior sharpness.

having said that again, sony will offer you a little worse iso1600 performance then canon but then sony offers iso3200 (a lot of noise but still good to know its there kinda thing). also lenses for canon will be tad bit more expensive as they mostly have image stabilization on the lens.

for olympus you can enjoy good kit lenses and standard lenses for decent prices. and usually very good quality glasses. but olympus offers 4/3 sensor which is a little bit smaller then aps-c size used in nikon,sony and canon. which (not significantly) will limit your dynamic range and iso performance.

oh well .. let us know what u decide on .. no matter what u get u wont be disappointed, most entry level dslr's are very good today thanks to the intense competition.
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