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I need a big camera, I have larger hands then most people hence me wanting something a bit heavier and larger (odd... I know)
Try them out in a store and see what feels best to you. BTW, Sony has some bundles for the A200 now with extra discounts on accessories. One of the bundles is the A200 kit including the camera, 18-70mm lens and a Vertical Grip for $679. So, you may prefer that approach (add the vertical grip) if you prefer an even larger camera.

See the current bundles here:

Sony Alpha bundles at sonystyle.com

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Another thing the K200 offers for the landscape photographer is weather sealing (not water proofed!). I know it works as I often carried my K10 in the snow, around my neck with the back (LCD screen side) exposed and the lens under my jacket (I was using an older lens that wasn't weather sealed). The weather sealing is new to Pentax and there are only a few weather sealed lenses made at the moment. I have one and last winter didn't bother as much with protecting the lens opening when I was out in the snow. That camera is still going strong in the hands of a friend who I sold it to (to help afford the K20).
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The Sony A200 seems like a great deal, one which I considered very seriously before opting for a Pentax K200d. I have had it for just over a month. I like it. I like sports and I like to take pictures of games and matches. The Sony A200 does have a faster continuous shooting (burst mode) rate. However, the Pentax is not bad for 1 1/2 -2 second bursts, which for me is enough to catch most cases of a basketball player driving to the hoop, a baseball player swinging at a pitch, the soccer goalie diving to block a shot. One reason that I chose the Pentax over the Sony A200is that I had lenses left over from my old *ist DS. The other is that it is built like a tank, resembling the K10d, Pentax' mid-level DSLR last year. There are other features I like, too, but a reading of the reviews here at Steve's or at dcresource or at dpreview will list the camera's features in detail.

I agree with JimC- go to a store and see how the cameras feel in your hands. No matter how good the pictures that a camera takes, if it feels uncomfortable in your hands, you won't enjoy taking pictures as much.
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All right. I have given it thought today. The verdict is this.

I am going with the PENTAX K200D and will be attaching a BG-3 battery grip.

These are the reasons...

1.) Weather sealed

SD Card capable (as compared to CF and mem stick)

AA batteries (I know some frown, but I think Pentax made a good move with it. If I'm without an outlet for charging I just need to stop at my local *store here* and pick up some) I will be using rechargeable batteries. (Name brand as well) and carry e2 lithium in my bag just in case I die in the field :-)

Pentax lens selection (Sony had great glass, Pentax had more that appealed to me though)

5.) The feel and the placement of the buttons was perfect for me! Esp. the Raw + jpg button below the flash! Great move by Pentax again (in my eyes)

6.) The added BG-3 Grip was (in my eyes) better then sonys the way the vertical shutter release was placed and it is cheaper then sony's.

To be honest I like the Pentax alot more then the D40, I also liked it more then the D80 I took a look at and the Alpha 200 and Alpha 300.

I am proud to say I am a PENTAX OWNER.

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Congratulations! I'm sure you'll be happy with it.

Come back a post something some time.
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Sounds like a well thought-out decision. Feel free to ask lots of questions on the Pentax dSLR specific section of this board - we love to answer questions and look at other people's pictures.
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