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I need a digital camera for taking pictures of my dog who moves about as fast as a rabbit on a greyhoud track. Was hoping to buy a small camera...tried a Samsung and returned it. Got a Nikon Coolpix 550 and I'm still taking shots without her in it because she moves so fast. Any suggestions? Looking to stay at 200-400 US dollars. Funny..I have an OLD OLDFujifilm 2.0 megapixel that NEVER misses the shot.
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You didn't mention an important factor, price.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"P&S cameras will not equal DSLRs for fast action.

Based on your comments you're looking for a quick click to capture time. This is actually made up of several elements, speed of focus, shutter lag and photographer technique which can compensate at least somewhat for the other factors. Depending of your price sensitivity you might want to consider the Canon Powershot A720, Canon G9, Kodak Z812 and Z1012.

A. C.

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Here's an article on how to set up a G9 to be quick on the draw, a snap shooter. The "slow" factors involve focus, setting exposure, white balance, etc. This article describes how to preset a lot of that and allow you to point and shoot quickly.


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My kids swim and dive. Swimming wasn't a huge problem getting shots that I was happy with....but diving that is tough!

I have a fuji s6000 I would set it on sports mode and then 3 cont. photos. I ususally got the dive. But to be honest.......I have had the camera for 2 years I do love it but I know I need to move up to a DSLR.

But for the price range you stated the fuji might work for you. The only other problem would be where you are shoot the pictures. If it is indoors....not so good.....
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Thanks everyone. I stepped up from the 200 to 400 US dollar and bought an entry level SLR....a Sony alpha 200K (499US dollar)which I have been assured will do the trick. As I'm new to those kinds of cameras, I went for aLOW PRICE versus the somewhat more expensive Canon and Nikon. My main subjects right now aregrandson and the lightning speed dog. I'm so hoping this fits my needs! :roll:
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Scully wrote:
I'm so hoping this fits my needs! :roll:
Outdoors it should do OK. Indoors don't count on it freezing your dog's movements with the kit lens (which would be the case with ANY kit lens for ANY dslr). The problem is kit lenses don't let in enough light. So, your focus may be a bit slugish when your subject is moving. And secondly because they don't let in a lot of light your shutter speeds will be slow - too slow in most cases to freeze action.

If it's your house, the best bet is to buy an external flash. A less effective route is a wide aperture lens. Problem is - that solution doesn't work too great on a moving dog - dof is extremely thin and even with a 1.8 lens you may not have enough shutter speed to freeze the motion.
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