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By the way, I participated in those threads on dpreview. Here's what I've learned
  • Most of the problems were from inexperienced users that had all points active and not understanding why the subject in the center is not in focus and something closer was.[/*]
  • There were a few lens that needed recalibrated and two bodies, that I remember, that had to be sent back in.
  • dpreview is the only site because a few people set panic to every owner and everyone scrutinized their camera through a battery of focusing tests[/*]
  • There was a thread that tallied the happy owners of XSI or problem cameras almost all were completely happy, even after the vast amount of tests.[/*]
  • As you said, only found it on dpreview which indicates that it was a forum panic and not anywhere common.
If any other camera was tested as hard as the XSi was then I'm sure you'd fine a few problem cameras. Also, that forum is crazy in that there are people that you know are trolling and particpate in any thread slamming Canon and giving no verification(photos).
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Originally Posted by peripatetic View Post
The fact that the ONLY place one can find these alleged problems with the XSi focus system is on dpreview should be more than sufficient to help you decide whether the source is worth giving any credence to.

The internet is overflowing with opinions, everyone gets to give one, and it is up to the reader to decide whether an individual opinion is worth listening to.
True. And I agree that the UI and signal to noise ratio at DPR are a royal pain. I was researching an AF issue for a student when I found this thread...

Nevertheless, Canon has had exposure & AF problems in the past that they've been VERY slow to respond to officially. If at all. In 20 years as a commercial photographer and 13 as a Canon user the number of times I've first learned of known technical problems from the equipment manufacturer is exactly zero. I'll take my info where I can get it. Then confirm it elsewhere.

This looks like a great forum and a good resource. I look forward to reading more.
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