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dlpin wrote:
but dismissing olympus out of hand in precisely the niche that it intends to compete in
Sadly, that is precisely the point. Oly DOESN't compete well in action photography. Other areas yes - but action, no.

But look for yourself - look in the sports gallery at the 'Friday night without lights' post. Taken with XT the poor prior version of the xsi and a 70-200 - same as your photo. Sharpness, detail and focus are all better - all with the added benefit of a nicely blurred background to accentuate the subject. And the xsi is a much better camera than the camera used in those photos. It's not to say your shot is bad - as I said it's good. But the canon provides better at a very small premium. For static subjects the two cameras would likely be very similar at low ISOs. But for $150 difference it's worth the upgrade.
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The photos of the skier and the football player are very well done, but the same shots could have been done by an S5IS. The depth of field looks more like a point and shoot instead of a DSLR. I think if that's the best that a four thirds can do for separation of the subject from the rest of the scene then I'd look elsewhere, but I don't have the exif data.
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JohnG wrote:

Do you shoot action photography?* I do.* It's not arrogance - it's experience.

I'm glad you explained your personal experience a little better in the following posts, and stated, debatable as it all may be, why you'd prefer Canon over Oly if you were the OP. out of respect for anyone who doesn't know your work, I humbly suggest that you make a habit out of explaining what you base your opinions on, and identifying them as opinions, not facts.

all in all, I agree with dlpin's point of view - that the 2x crop factor (more range, more pixels, a rose by any other name...) would be a stronger plus than oly's AF tracking's minus. but hey, that's my conclusion based on some research and some experience (I do occasionally shoot action - not for a living, though). the info and opinions are out there. the OP has more than enough to chew on, and should feel free to ask for any further opinions, explanations or information.

on a side note:

it's funny how some people are biased towards or against particular brands, like it's politics or religion. it's pretty clear to me that, among the 5 or 6 really serious dslr brands out there - nikon, canon, pentax, olympus, sony, and so forth - it's pretty much on a case by case basis, and, in any case, you can't really go wrong with any of them. you guys make it sound like you can't focus a moving subject at all with an oly, and that's obviously not true. there are some pretty impressive shots of moving subjects at 600mm eq. focal lenght out there that say otherwise (just browse pbase.com). and a 600mm eq. means you're up closer to your subject than a 450mm eq. you'd probably get with a different system, regardless of what you'd call that - range, field of view, whatever. an edge is an edge. imo, a real slam-dunk is impossible to find when comparing brands on any given budget.

it's impossible to give out an unbiased opinion, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try. olympus has a few areas where it has clear advantages over the competition - they have some excellent glass out there -, and, in this particular case, an e5xx with a 70-300, if not the best option, would clearly still be right up there. other brands have edges in so many other situations. but some people will rule olympus out faster than you can say 'product placement'. I myself have been contemplating switching systems - so far I've ruled canon out just because I can't find 'the' ideal all-around wide to tele - but I still have pentax, sony and olympus as my main picks, while sticking to nikon is still an option. imho, you can't really go wrong with canon as much as you can't go wrong with olympus or sony or nikon or pentax. so let's stop talking black vs. white when it's clearly all subtle shades and hues. (no pun intended.)

so... best regards and a happy easter, everyone.

edit: just correcting typos
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To be sure, there are no 'bad' dSLRs. But also, some are better than others for certain things.

And, to be sure, Olympus makes the smallest and lightest dSLRs, and for equivalent focsl lengths, their lenses are the smallest and lightest as well.

But there downsides to Olympus. While their lenses are good, they tend to be expensive and the selection isn't very good. That is not to say that there aren't expensive lenses for other makes, but their selection is better, especially for reasonably good third party lenses. Also, Canon, Nikon, Pentax and Sony owners all benefit from having a thriving market in used lenses. Not so with Olympus. If all you'll ever need is the kit lens(es), then that's not much of a problem, but if you don't know where your photography will take you, then the selection of lenses and accessories, and their cost, should be a consideration.

So, while there are good reasons to pick an Olympus dSLR,there are also reasons not to, and those reasons may not even have anything to do with the ability (or inability) to focus on a moving subject.
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Wow.....you guys have supplied a lot of information, some of which is over my head. Obviously you are passionate about the cameras and it shows in your in depth discussion. I am going to look at the major choices including the Canon, Nikon, Olympus and Sony. In looking at a sale flyer yesterday, Ritz has the Sony 200 with both lens and a photo printer this week for $599. I do appreciate the help and I'll let you know how it turns out.
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Logan Creek Labs wrote:
... In looking at a sale flyer yesterday, Ritz has the Sony 200 with both lens and a photo printer this week for $599. ...
The standard price for the A200 with the 18-70 is $499. The standard price for the A200 with the 18-70 and the Sony 75-300 is $699. That reduces the price of the Sony 75-300 from $229 to $200, which is still more than it's worth! This Ritz special reduces the price for the Sony 75-300 to $100, which might be about right.

But I still think that you'd be better off spending the extra money for the A200 w/18-70 and the Tamron 70-300 Di LD.

The following are the test results for the Sony 75-300 and the Tamron 70-300 Di LD. Isuspectthat much of the info on these pages might be over your head, but you can click on any of the Blur Index, Chromatic Aberration, Vignetting, or Distortion graphs to see larger versions (some of which are interactive). When you're looking at these, remember that in all of these graphs, values that are closer to zero are better than values that are further away. From these graphsand the general comments, I think you can see that the Tamron is worth the extra $60 or so.

And the photo printer is a throw away. It's like Gillette used to do with razors; they give you the razor so you have to keep coming back for the blades. In this case, they give you the printer so you have to keep coming back for the ink cartridges. They aren't giving you a printer; the printer is free anyway. They're giving you your first set of ink cartrdiges. I wouldn't put much value on it.
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