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I want to buy a new camera,i don't want any slr.
I just wanted to have a camera that i can take pictures with narrow depth of view. Right now with my current camera all my pictures has everything fucosed, unless i zoom to 12x and walk away a long distance and then i can have some narrow photos.

Theres any "cheap" digicam that gives me a narrow DOF? I also wanted a camera with the less noise possible so i could take pictures inside home without flash(i hate that)

Whats your recomendations?

Thank you
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The challenge is the small image sensors and small physical lenses of digicams make shallow DOF extremely difficult except when using a lot of zoom as you've already found. There is no "cheap" digicam with a large sensor and large physical lenses (physical focal length of the lens plays a big part in DOF - not the corresponding focal length but actual physical focal length).

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The shallow DOF comes from a large (physical) aperture in the lens. Therefore you should look for lenses with a longer (actual) focal length and a low f-stop.

Because of their small sensors the actual focal lengths of most digicams are quite small, and they are often not particularly fast either - having maximum of f2.8 or f4 when zoomed. Therefore the physical diameter of the aperture is quite small and you will not get that OOF area you want.

So basically you can't have what you want because the laws of physics say "No".

The new Panasonic LX3 will get you closer than most, because its sensor is biggish for a compact and its lens quite fast.

But really you will want to keep an eye out for something like the Panasonic G1 with its (forthcoming) prime lenses in a small package. Olympus is also doing things with the M4/3 format which will be coming our way in 2009. One final alternative is to look at the coming Sigma DP2.

And finally of course if you know how to use photoshop all things are possible.
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