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lenshound Oct 12, 2008 2:49 PM

I'm looking to buy a new camera and I want one that "refreshes" fast. I'm not sure of what the proper term for this is when I am looking at the specs of the camera. What I mean by refresh, is how fast the camera will take a second picture. Most of the cameras I have owned have been very slow in allowing you to take more than one picture. I'm looking for a "point & shoot" with good quality and would perfer one with a viewfinder, I find it difficlut to frame pictures outdoors in the bight sun, using only LCD screen. I would also perferone that takes "AA" batteries.

We are going to Flordia in the spring with the Grandchildren and I don't want to miss those shots when they see Mickey & Minni.

Thanks for any help.


JimC Oct 12, 2008 3:13 PM

I've moved your post to the What Camera Should I Buy? Forum, which is the forum setup for members looking for a new camera.

A good place to start your search would be Steve's Best Cameras List , which contains models deemed to be a good value within their market niche.

If you read the review conclusions for cameras you consider (it's the last page before the sample images in each camera's review), you'll see information on camera performance. There are multiple factors that impact how well a camera performs, including Autofocus Speed (how long it takes the camera to achieve a focus lock before it can take a photo), and cycle time between photos (how long do have to wait before you can take another one). Lighting can have a big impact on how well a camera's Autofocus performs, too (lower light means slower Autofocus). You'll also see information on viewfinder usability and more in the review conclusions here.

rfortson Oct 16, 2008 5:42 PM

I don't know the specific camera you need, but the term you should look for is "frames per second" or "burst mode". Also, if you're buying a point & shoot, get one with a good video option (maybe 720p high definition) and get a large (8GB or more) memory card so you can just shoot video. That way, you won't miss those moments at all!

Have fun at MickeLand!

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