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hi all

looking to buy a new superzoom cam (canon sx110is ,panasonic fz28 or sony h10)

but just had another thought ? could a superzoom replace a dv camcorder?

as with a lot of people i only use a camcorder once or twice a year.

so is there a superzoom out there that could manage both well?

if so how much would such a camera cost?

thanks in advance

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First, due to their ergonomics, camcorders are easier to hold for long periods.

Second, many superzooms can't zoom while recording video, unlike camcorders.
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Think I answered your question over at DPReview. The summary of my answer there was No.
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A friend of mine has a Canon Powershot S5 IS, and it's video quality rivals what I could do on a relatively inexpensive mini dv video camera.

The S5 allows zooming while shooting video.

My feeling is that the video camera is doomed. Digital cameras are now capable of taking pretty good movies.

Newest digital cameras are now capable of recording HD quality video.

Unless your really into video, it's becoming harder to justify a video camera purchase.
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I bought a Samsung MX-10 camcorder for my father-in-law about 5 months ago. It uses SD cards for memory. I also bought the MX-20. These are not top of the line camcorders. Canon has higher end memory camcorders. There are two things which make it hard for digital still cameras to match camcorders for video functions. One is that the newest camcorders feature zoom ranges of up to 40X optical zoom. I don't think that will be happening soon with superzooms. The other is the compression of video files seems to be better than with most digital cameras. Therefore, the files seem smaller.

You can make decent quality videos with digital still cameras. I just think that camcorders are better at it, and the introduction of flash memory camcorders makes it very easy to transfer video clips to computers for editing, taking away one advantage that digital still cameras with videos have had.
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My experience with a Sony H5 superzoom was that the video quality compared well with my Hi8 camcorder - I used the H5 on a long holiday and made a DVD combining stills with video. I've since graduated to an HD camcorder and DSLR, but it means two lots of camera, chargers, etc (and more expense due to the difficulties of editing HD Video). The H5 could zoom whilst taking video - the main difficulty was remembering to optimise settings between stills and video in tems of focusing, etc.

I would steer clear of still cameras offering HD video unless you can set them to ordinary SD video quality - HD video editing can be very difficult unless you have a powerful PC/Mac and the right software. In addition, to viewedited hi def DVD videoon a HD TV you would need a Bluray player rather than a standard DVD player. If you want to record events of 10 minutes+, a convential camcorder is better, but for short clips, a modern superzoom or hybrid such as one of the Xacti models offer convenience and usability.

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