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We are sick of our old digital camera (Nikon coolpix 2.3mp) taking well over 1 second between when we click the button and when it actually captures the image, taking forever to show the shot and be ready to take another shot. Frustrating might be a good term here.

Does anyone have any advice as to good options for us? We've looked briefly at the Kodak 1012IS as it advertises itself as a .23 seconds between click and capture. However, I've noticed less than stellar reviews of this camera and I'd prefer something that was instantaneous in this regard. I must admit, I do not even know if there are such products that offer instant click and capture.

We really want something that we can use for series of shots one after another. Perhaps this is what the 'bursts rates' that I've read about are? I'd like to have a camera that is useful in taking pictures quickly for years to come and don't mind spending the money on a quality product. We live in a rural area where we have no access to a real camera/photography retailer who could provide insight and advise. Even the cities closest to us are without such a retailer, so any guidance one can offer is greatly appreciated. My thanks in advance.
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A good place to start your search would be Steve's Best Cameras List , which contains models deemed to be a good value within their market niche.

If you read the review conclusions for cameras you consider (it's the last page before the sample images in each camera's review), you'll see information on camera performance.

There are multiple factors that impact how well a camera performs, including Autofocus Speed (how long it takes the camera to achieve a focus lock before it can take a photo), and cycle time between photos (how long do have to wait before you can take another one). Lighting can have a big impact on how well a camera's Autofocus performs, too (lower light means slower Autofocus).

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Thanks for the quick reply and valuable information. Do you have any suggestions as to a few camera's you recommend or that might fit what we are looking for?
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The Casio EX F1 can shoot 60 frames per second. It has nearly instantaneous shutter response:


Most of the newer cameras are pretty fast. For instance, any Canon point and shoot with the new Digic III ("three") processor is going to be so fast you won't believe it until you try it.

As JimC mentioned, the reviews here on Steve's gives you a pretty good feel for which camera is fast and which is not.

If your looking for a pocketable camera with a Digic III processor, have a look at the Canon Powershot SD1100 IS:

Here is a Canon super zoom with a Digic III processor. A friend of mine bought one, and with little digital camera experience, went to Europe on a four week vacation and brought back some really great photos:


Here's a "standard" sized compact Canon with a Digic III, and can probably be found online for around $180:


All of these Canons are going to be fast. Only look at the Casio if you need a "speed freak" camera.

And buy online, you'll get them cheaper than at the Big Box stores. I suggest shopping at B & H Photo Video out of New York. Occassionally they will offer these Canons with a "special deal" including a media card, camera case and lens cleaning kit for only a few dollars more.

Good luck!

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