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John is correct of course.

The 5DII has 21Mp. If you crop the 5D sensor to 1.6 you get 8Mp. Which is still pretty decent, but on the 50D you have 15Mp covering that same area.

If you want a long lens, get a long lens.

The problem at the moment is that you don't really know what you want other than a camera that will help you get better pictures. Unfortunately that's not how it works; a better camera very seldom helps you get substantially better pictures. Usually the improvements are only marginal, and you pay big money for those marginal gains.

I would suggest that for now your best investment would be into a few photography courses. Once you decide what kind of photography you want to do you will be in a much better position to make a choice of system for your camera and lenses.

On the other hand if you are wealthy enough that this doesn't really matter then I suggest you buy the best equipment you can and rest assured that everything else that is wrong with your pictures is due to operator error. :-)
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Forgot one thing - you mentioned 'vivid colors' a couple of times. The processor definitely impacts that. But you also have the ability to adjust saturation on any DSLR. Have you tried bumping up the saturation in your d40 to see if that gets you the vivid colors you want?

Also, be careful in that most advanced amateurs, semi-pros and pros perform post processing on their photos. It is entirely possible the vivid colors you are seeing are a result of the work-flow of the photographer (i.e. shooting RAW, their post-processing raw conversion, curves adjustments, saturation adjustments etc...)

Just another thought.
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I like Peripetic's comments.

Nine times out of ten, it's the photographer that makes the difference, not the camera.

Assuming you've done your homework and practiced to become a better photographer - it always helps to have the right tools for the job.

I would always recommend to buy the best camera and lenses that you can afford.

Best to go out on PBASE and look up some shots taken with the D90 and the Canon 5D Mk II, and check out the lenses being used for each shot.

Having said that, I have the same camera and lens as some of the people on PBASE who consistently blow away my results.

So, it's the results you get from your style, your circumstances and your equipment that counts.
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Many Thanks everyone for all the comments ..really appreciated..
I do bump up my camera to get more vivid colors...
I only crop when needed most of my shots are always as is. I like to take my time in doing the shot and think of what I am seeing before snapping if I have the time.
It would be nice if there was a pic to pic comparison from similar cameras of the same scene, to see the results..but I have not been able to find that anywhere??
Again thanks for all your comments and suggestions.
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