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Hi Folks,

i'm in the US for a couple of days, i've bought an aiptek action hd, but i'll returning it because the motor noise of the autofocus is driving me crazy.

I'll like to know if any of you guys have the dxg 595v, does it has the same problem as the aiptek?

I'm in santa clara, ca. i'm leaving saturday, and i really like to bring to my country a cheap hd camera.

Does anyone in the area has this dxg 595v camera, or knows about local stock of the camera? i'll like to buy it. Pls. answer me asap to this email [email protected]

Thank you very much.
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To answer your questions:

research will be the key.

1 aiptek Action Hd in walmart 149.00 usc, noise is not the cameras fault it is a combo of things, Firmware will corect because lab rats will lower the DB of a cheap mic placed in imagine if the mic was on the main board, and not the lcd piggybacked

you can always correct with updated FW, Hey wait Aiptek will say what FW there is none, it only corrects white balance.

DXG model not an online store so you may have to order online, will ahve simular issues like noise due to Zoom, and zoom is not fast or slow, firmware will fix it but never get the issues away, firmware is a patch andjust that.

you have to give to get.

between both models

bulk or compact, you'll have different options to decide ifyou get one or the other.
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Hi, I don't know about that model but let me tell you: I bought a DXG camera like a year ago and I have to return it inmediatly since it was the worst camera you could imagine, and it wasn't defective! Even worse that those blue or pink cheap cameras for kids...
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Thank you very much for your answers, during my trip in the US (i'm from PerĂº) i've lost my digital camera, i was too late to buy a replacement in the US, so i've bought yesterday a samsung nv24hd, which shoots 720p 30fps. The camera is superb and the video quality very good, it does mute when you're zooming, but is better that having constant noise.
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