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I am quite young - but I really want to get into photography more. I bought myself a good quality compact camera about a year ago, but after using some of my extended family's DSLRs I've decided to get a bit more advanced.

I live in Australia, and my budget is preferably under $1000 (I say preferably because I could stretch it a little bit). I was leaning towards the Nikon D40, but the Canon EOS 1000D seems a bit better.

I know the general consensus is to try the different cameras at a store, and I will be going out to do that sometime later this week, but I wanted some general opinions first.

Thanks in advance,

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The Nikon D40 is a nice camera, but it has some shortcomings. It has a 6MP image sensor while it's competitiors have at least 10MP image sensors. Some feel that the lesser resolution results in less noise at higher ISO settings, and lower pixel density is a good way to avoid noise, but other dSLRs with much higher pixel densities do as well or better than the D40 as far as noise is concerned.

Also, the Nikon D40, and its siblings the D40X and D60, have an autofocus system that isn't up to a number of tasks like sports/action/wildlife photography. They also lack the internal autofocus motor other Nikon dSLRs have, and so only about half of Nikon's own lenses will autofocus on them, few third party lenses will, and almost no used lenses will. If you are on a budget, the used market might be a significant source of lenses and accessories, so I think that's something you should give some consideration to.

Since a number of people in your extended family have dSLRs, they might serve as a source of advice andassistance, and a source of lenses and accessories from wich you can borrow. That's something else I think you should give some consideration to.

The Canon 1000D is also a fine camera, but from the Canon entry level line-up, the 450D is a better choice if you can swing it. It has a better autofocus system that any other entry level dLSR for sports/action/wildlife photography, and Canon has the largest selection of OEM and third party lenses and accessories, from which you can build a photographic system from which you can do any type of photography.

You might also want to give some consideration to a significant feature in dSLRs, and that is image stabilization. Image stabilization reduces, if not eliminates image blur due to camera shake. Canon and Nikon use optical image stabilization in some of their lenses, which makes them bigger, heavier, and more expensive, few third party lenses have it, and almost no used lenses have it. All Pentax, Sony and most Olympus dSLRs have sensor shift image stabilization in the camera bodies. This means that the the image will be stabilized whatever lens is attached, whether it be one of the new OEM or third party lenses, or any of the lenses on the used market that may have been manufactured 20 years ago.
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