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Hi All,

I have spent hours looking at different camcorders and even stopped by a few stores to ask for advice but still can't decide what camcorder would be best for what i want from it.

I am going snowboarding next month and I would be grateful if someone could point me in the right sort of direction with what camcorder to take. Im not exactly looking for a top spec camcorder (as ill probs fall and break it at some point anyway lol)im just wanting something that will haveclear video quality up on the mountains, coming down the mountain im not exactly guna have a steady hand so basically something that will be alright with the light and movement. I have never owned a camcorder before so something thats also easy to just usb to the laptop. I was thinking something around the £200 mark but can go up if anyone really recommends I should. I will probably be recording a few hours a day btw

Thanks in advance
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I think you would find the Sanyo Xacti series digital hybrid camera most suitable for your needs and budget.


If you don't need HD, the lesser models such as CG9 or CA8 (the waterproof model of CG9) should fit the bill - compact pistol-grip style, "waterproof" (well, more like splash-proof - it may work a few times under water but the seals don't last long, but it should work well when dropped into snow), optical zoom lens, efficient MPEG-4 video compression (which creates video files 1/2 or even 1/3 of the filesize from the average digital cameras that uses MJPEG compression). Uses SD memory card (including SDHC cards which are 4GB or larger, for longer recording time). Records 640 X 480 ("near-DVD" resolution) video. NOTE: the waterproof models do NOT have a lens cover.

You may also find older models such as (non-waterproof) CG65 and CG6, and (waterproof) E1, CA65 and CA6 at lower prices. The mechanical and optical components of these older models are essentially the same as the newest CG9 model, but the CG9 uses CMOS sensor instead of CCD, and boasts higher still picture resolution (8 MP vs. 6 MP). The oldest CG6/ CA6 models use an older video compression format but it produces video of similar quality and video file size as the newer models.

In fact, users report that the older models using the 6 MP CCD sensor (1) makes better and brighter video in dim light (2) does not suffer from "wobble" because of the "rolling shutter" used with CMOS sensors.

Hope this helps!
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