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My 17 year old daughter's something of a camera nerd. She has a Nikon D40x with a number of lenses (an 18 to 55mm, 55 to 200mm, 70 to 300mm, 50mm 1.8D and 18 to 200m), and seems to take good picture with them.

Now herfriend has invited her to go to England with her over Easter. Unsurprisingly, she wants to take her camera with her. We also said we'd lend her a (very) old laptop so she could keep in tounch while she was there.

The thing is that if you'reflying from England back to the US, you're only allowed 1 piece of hand lugage in the cabin, which means her usual camera bag won't be allowed on board. So I have to ask, is there a camera bag that can allow her to put other things (like laptops) in it too?

I ask because the only ones I've seen aren't big enough to carry anything more than cameras and lenses. I know she could use your typical rucksack, but she's worked like crazy to pay for the lenses and part of me wonders if they'd get damaged in your standard bag.

P.S. If I'm wrong and they'd be perfectly ok in your standard rucksack, feel free to mock.
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There are lots of options. Google "camera laptop backpack"

As an example - and I am going to guess that the camera is a dSLR with a couple of lenses, LowePro has lots of models, however here is just one. dSLR with a few lenses, and laptop with room for everything else.


I use this model for traveling back east all the time (well - most of the time). Camera body, a couple of lenses, a spare battery, extra SD cards, laptop, power supply, mouse, notebooks, pens, pencils, cell phone and charger, plus some other stuff. - There is a limit, however - it works very well. I was able to pick it up for $50 and have had it for a year.

They come bigger, smaller, you name it, there are a lot of makes and models to select from, all colors and sizes under the sun.....

You also can go down to a camera store (if one is close), and see a couple that they might have in stock to get an idea.
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From my experience doing the Boy Scouting stuff (canoeing down the river andhiking throughthe woods) as well asflying a couple times:

Pack stuff within other stuff and use the rucksack.

A lens can be wrapped inside a sock and placed into a sneaker. The camera body wrapped inside of jeans and/or a sweater. Does two things, saves space and provides additional protection that a simple camera bag is not going to perform.

Need more protection?

The hard body camera "bags" are nice, but expensive (especially forsingle use) and take up space that could be used for other things. What is better, cheaper and takes less space thanthe hard body camera bags? My old film camera fit very nicely into the hard plastic box that previously contained an electric razor. Just big enough for the camera body plus a bit ofroom for the filters and extra batteries. Didn't offer a lot of external protection (which the hard bags do offer) but at the same time I was packing that box inside a sweater and then into a carry bag or knapsack and needed the least amount of space required.I carried rolls of film in a Tupperware container (for water proof issues), but that same Tupperware container is light weight and physically strong enough to support me standing on it. I bet you can find a nice Tupperware container to work well to store a long zoom lens or two.I had my wide angle lensinone of those nice hard-cardboard boxes from the jewelry store that decentwatches were packagedin.

Pack smart and have fun.

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Hi JimBowen1,

My OH had the same decisions to make; he tried the various Lowepro modelsbut ended up plumping for a Crumpler rucksack that holds his Canon 350D with lens, flash, room for another lens and his Applemac laptop plus a small pocket at the top that would take sandwiches etc.and had the added bonuses that it didn't look like a camera bag and the laptop pocket is very secure.

If you plan on going down that road though, make sure the laptop will fit in the bag as some of those rucksacks are very laptop size-specific....

Another alternative could be to leave behind the laptop as there are loads of internet cafes in the UK?

Alternatively you could maybe get a rucksack that's small enough to fit in the lockers but big enough to hold a laptop with a protective'skin', and a small camera bag that would hold say, the camera with lens, one other lens, flash and accessories? I managed that flying to Scotland and back last year.

Depends to an extenton what she wants to carry around, and how,once she gets over here.
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That sounds like a lot of stuff for a 17 year old girl to be lugging around England in a backpack. Maybe a roller would be better? Tamrac makes a pretty nice bag...look at the 5552 SpeedRoller 2:


the Hun

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