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Good morning,

Yep, this is getting tight on time, but hey, we made a last minute decision to scrap the mind-numbing finger exercising other options..

Anyhow, we would like for our little guys (10+) to have their own cameras. Point-n-shoot is great, these guys like movies, and we want them to have manual capabilities.. And being my guys, something not so totally fragile that it breaks the first time someone steps on it.. and if it does, not so expensive that meltdown ensues...

I haven't had too much time to research, but have read some of the posts...

So, what kind of things are we looking for...

manual controls in addition to the auto-modes
video mode
some zoom
not too terribly fragile (yeah, I know...)
Is likely to last a few years
May be able to go up to $300, but that doesn't mean we need to.

Any and all recommendations are appreciated.

And because I am one to buck the system :blah:... Merry Christmas!

oh oh, here they come... gotta go.. thanks, j

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I don't think you could wrong with the Canon A590 IS ;



It has everything you asked for, yet it does not cost a bundle. If your children learn to respect a camera as a precision too as well as a fun toy, then it will last for years. And, if you purchase good rechargeable AA batteries (Eneloop - can usually be found at Walmart), then they will last for a few years.

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Little guys...not fragile...step-on proof...digital camera? Do you really think that young boys won't take a camera outside in the rain or snow or beach or dusty places? Do you really think that the average digicam could survive an impromptu football game or being tossed in the pool?

Maybe this one:


It's waterproof, shockproof, and coldproof...OK, so maybe that's not enough to assure survival, but it's got a chance.

And maybe it's not the greatest camera for image quality, and maybe it doesn't really have manual functions like you want, but when one of the little guys wakes you up in the middle of the night and says, "I think I left my camera outside in the snow!" You might let him live...for a while, anyway.

Merry Christmas!

the Hun

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