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I have been searching for the right camera for days and am simply exhausted so I thought I would check in with this educated forum for recommendations. My video camera died just before Christmas and I wanted a replacement that could do reasonable quality video, stay in the $300 price range and easily fit in my pocket. That instantly eliminated most camcorders with the exception of some of the Sanyo Xacti line and the range of YouTube pocket cams (Mino HD, Kodak Zi6, Creative Vado HD).

I went for the Xacti waterproof E2 for $200. The results were aweful, terrible low light performance, bad video and bad pictures. I know, I'm probably expecting too much for $200 but I thought it would do better.

Now I'm considering the fixed lens, HD pocket cams listed above but am wondering if I could get just as good results with a compact camera that also does HD video and gain the benefits of better pictures, better lens, better camera without sacrificing video quality. Again, maybe a pipe dream!

Ideally the camera would record minimum, true 720P HD video (not HD in 640x480) so it will look reasonable on my 50" Pioneer flat screen and utilize the latest H.264 codec for smaller video file sizes and retain Mac compatibility (not AVI files, MPG4 would be ideal). HDSD storage would also be best as I already have a 16GB card.

My research led me to the new TL34HD but all the reviews I've read on the video quality is that it's terrible. I have a very nice Nikon D70 setup when I want high quality pictures and will eventually get a decent camcorder for higher quality videos but what's the best option for GOOD HD video and GOOD pictures in a pocket size camera? Does one exist?

I really appreciate your opinions and experiences you may have with these issues!
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