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From everything I've read the XSi is a better camera. It has a faster frame rate, better high ISO performance, shorter shutterlag, more lenses currently available, etc.

So, why am I considering an inferior camera for the same price with only 2 lenses currently available? Two reasons - 1) I travel a decent amount for work and I think the recuced size of the camera and its lenses would make it easier to travel with. 2) My wife is intimidated by the size and # of controls of the XSi and, like many P&S users, she prefers to use the lcd for taking her pictures. So, in essence, I think that the G1 might get more use than the XSi due to it's smaller size, auto modes, and a superior live view.

Given the above, I guess my questions are:

1) If anyone has any experience with the G1, how does its photos look? I've only been able to find a couple of reviews and both were positive, but I'd still like to hear from people that have used one - even better if you have used both the G1 and the XSi.

2) Related to #1 above, how are the results with the Intelligent Auto mode that my wife would be using?

3) In real world use, how often do you use ISO 1600 or higher as the G1's effective ceiling is ISO 800. Keep in mind that my past camera usage involves the Ultra Zooms with a maximum usable ISO of 100.

p.s. We'll only be using the kit lenses for the camera of choice for a year or so as I continue to learn and experiment before moving on to more expensive lenses.

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I would argue for the Canon because it is a better camera. I understand the hesitation about moving to a dslr, but this camera really isn't very intimidation, and the program mode turns it into an amazing point and shoot. And if you are thinking about getting more lenses later on, Canon has the best in the world. And it is small... not point and shoot small but I have never felt it to be bulky or in the way. Take a look at these reviews they know alot more than I do,
but this camera has served me well, it takes amazing photos and is a great intro to more serious photography with easy to use menus...
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The XSi is a very good dslr, i have one and i am very happy
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