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Just spotted a new minireview from my lcoal camera shopof the Rollei XS-10inTouch. It contains the MD's opinions on compact digicams, highly relevant to the original poster's question at the beginning of this thread...

Edit 19Feb09: This link now reviews a Casio compact, not the Rollei

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Take a look at the Fuji F100fd and F60fd cameras. They are small, but have very good low light capabilities compared to most point and shoot models out there. The F100fd has 5x optical zoom starting at 28mm (equiv), while the F60fd is a 3x zoom starting a 35 mm (equiv). The F60fd includes true aperture/shutter priority modes, while the F100fd does not. Both are selling at less than $200.

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Given your parameters, here's another vote for the Fujifilm F100fd. Take a look at this recent comparison test:


Another excellent choice - albeit considerably more expensive (over your $300 limit) - is the Panasonic LX3. It zooms from 24-60mm, making it a true wide-angle proposition. And its fast f/2.0-2.8 lens means you can shoot at lower ISOs - further helping in the fight against noise.


The only problem with the most-recent compact cameras is that it's getting harder and harder (but not totally impossible) to find optical viewfinders. But, in return, the LCD screens are getting better and more-useable in bright sunlight.
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Thanx for your replies guys, but after doing some research, none of these compacts do it for me... I think I'm going to have to spend more money, and consider getting a bigger camera. I am going to make another post here, with different requirements.

Thanx to everyone who replied.
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i agree, F100 - shoots better.
especially in low-light.
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