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Think I won't get the filter. Just the hood.

Please everyone of you guys that don't use filters, give me words of encouragement

How to keep it away from dust
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I don't use filters - used to but stopped. Unless you're in sandy, very dusty conditions I wouldn't bother. With a hood you'll be fine.
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As a user of a D-40, I can say that you will find it a great improvement over your point and shoot. At least for D40, kenrockwell is not wrong. To cover your various shooting needs, get one 35 mm f/1.8, a 18-200 VR and you are fixed. Both lenses autofocus on D40 and about 18-200 I can say that the autofocus is as fast as it gets for this range of camera needs.

I don'tknow about D60 but they say that it has higher noise than D40. Also the learning curve for D-40 is not so steep. Initially put the camera in P mode, set it for fine, jpeg, 6mp,vivid, matrix or spot metering as per situation and click away. You will not be disappointed with the technical quality of the pics. The artistic quality is not guranteed even using a $10000 camera.

If you want more flash power, SB400 is cheap and handy.

Iam also not a professional, just a hobbyist. I moved to D40 from a prosumer (panasonic FZ20) and after gettingD40, it is rarely used.

I don't say that D80,D90,D300,D700or even D3 and D3X are bad. What I say is that they have steeper learning curves and ofcourse costlier.

Hope it helps.
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