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I can buy these two cameras, and I cannot decide.

Nikon D70 has around 9000 shots, comes body only, battery charger with EN-EL3, another spare battery, 1GB CF card & a bag. At a price of 200€. I can buy D40 kitlens for around 40€. Or better 50mm/1.8 for 90€ new. That would make together 240€/290€ for a beginner dSLR system.

Sony A200K (18-70 kitlens) I can buy for 455€ new with 2yrs warranty.

My brother has a Nikon D40 which I think is quite nice, and as I read in the reviews D70 & D40 are quite the same. So I'm more used and fond of Nikon + a lot, lot more 2nd hand lenses for Nikon where I live.

I know a new system is a new system but I dont have the money for A200, would have to wait a month or two. Any help appreciated Best of luck...
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The D70 is a nice camera, but buying a used dSLR is risky. I suggest you get a warranty (not a guarrantee.) If you buy the D70 and start buying lenses and accessories, and it fails, getting your money back for the camera isn't going to help; you'll need it to be fixed, or you're out the money you spent on other stuff.

Another thing about the D70 is that it's only USB 1.1 (that's the difference between the D70 and the D70s) so you'll probably wanta USB card reader as well.
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The D70 was also prone to dying unexpectedly...google BGLOD for an explanation. I'm not sure if Nikon is still repairing this issue free of charge...even if they are you have to consider you may lose the camera for a couple of weeks if your camera ends up with this issue. Not every D70 ended up with the problem, but it was common enough I'd be hesitant to invest in a D70, new or used. I think the Sony is probably the better all around camera when comparing the two.
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Thanks, will think about it now. But as I just read, that BGLOD problem should have appeared well before 9000 shots. And if it had appeared before, it has been fixed so it's working now.
Oh well, going for the Sony. Hope its a good model without problems. Wish you nice light for your shots people Lock
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Just to add a footnote to what everyone else has said, the D70 came out in March of 2004, which makes it nearlyfive years old, give or take... In the world of digital, that's an eternity, and since then, almost every aspect of the camera has been improved, some substantially. Just something else to chew on....

Good luck, Robert
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Again I have a question regarding Sony A200 & its RAW files. From numerous reviews, the RAW files from this camera is somekind weird comparing to RAW's from A300&A350. I could not find a single A200 RAW bigger than 4MB, and A300&A350 files are 9+MB at ISO100. Not to mention that A200's files were very soft with a lot of noise.

Is there anyone who could tell me if I am wrong, because the store where I could buy A200 won't let me shoot with it and look at the pics on my laptop. Cheers

P.S. Sorry for my English, and don't laugh about this question
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ionic wrote:
I could not find a single A200 RAW bigger than 4MB...
That's wrong. RAW files (.arw extension) from the Sony A200 are usually going to be close to 10MB or larger (usually growing in size with higher ISO speeds, impacting the embedded jpeg). There is no way one is going to be as small as 4MB.

You can find some downloadable .arw files from the Sony A200 in it's review at imaging-resource.com


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