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I am replacing my Fujifilm S5700, only because I now found out that it doesn't have normal IS - the "picture stabilization" setting only quickens the settings. No wonder I couldn't take any usable zoomed in shots of my son's graduation indoors.

I'm interested in Fuji's S8000 or S8100, or a Kodak-either the Z812 or the Z1012. Since I am just a mom who likes to take lots and lots of pictures, I want something user-friendly, but with options to stretch my knowledge as time allows. Price is also a limit right now. But my son is getting married soon, and I want a camera that will give me quick, dependable, pictures with an option to zoom in well.

I can get the Fuji S8100 for $220, The S8000 for $346, the Kodak Z812 for $200 and the Kodak Z1012 for $220. These all seem like great prices. They are all in the 8 - 10 mp range, with 10-18x optical zooms, and good viewing screens as well as little EVF's. I like the SD card for memory media.

I was interested in the Canon S3, but why on earth do you have to open the flash manually???

Is it true that a 7 or 8 mp camera gives better pics that a 10 mp on basically the same camera?

Thanks for your patience with this novice photographer.

Linda in PA
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"Zoomed in" shots indoors are generally an exercise in frustration with any point-and-shoot camera. Expensive DSLR cameras are what is needed for that. The solution with an affordable camera is to simply get closer to the subject, so less zoom needed. Yes, there are lots of ultrazoom P&S cameras on the market, which are very popular, but that bigzoom really only shines outdoors in daylight. The optical IS feature helps a little, but is not a breakthru.

Neither Fuji nor Kodak has a reputation for "quick" photography. For top shot-to-shot speed try aSony.

The Fuji S8100fd replaces the S8000, so it makes no sense at all to pay more for the S8000.

I had the Canon S3 IS. Since I don't use Auto Flash much, know in advance whether the shot needs flash or not, flipping up the flash head was no problem for me. There is a very good reason for these flip up flash heads, they raise the flash high enough above the camera that the shadow made by theBIG lens sticking out in front stays below the bottom of the frame in wideangle settings. Pocket size compacts with much smaller lenses do not have that flash shadow problem.

The "less megapixelsis better" argument is a theoretical one. That assumes the photographer wants to apply his own idea of noise control in editing. In the real world for most casual photogs, no editing, the JPG processing that goes along with the sensor makes more difference than the sensor size. For all practical purposes a 10Mp snapshot will look just as good as a 7Mp snapshot. Pixel peeping is a whole different game.

If you just must shoot zoomed in while indoors then I would suggest lookingat the Sony H10. Its flash is stronger than most. Now beingdiscounted tonear $200.

Kelly Cook
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