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I just realized that I can get additional lenses for my point & shoot Canon Power Shot A 700, a wide angle, telephoto & close up lenses. I'm not sure if they are all still available new as the camera is a few years old. Would I be better off purchasing a dSLR (which I have been thinking of doing) rather than spending money on these extra lenses for the camera I have now?

Thanks for your help.


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The add-on lenses for P&S digicams tend to not be very good, especially the ones from third parties. You should also remember that they add optical elements to the lens already in place, so if the primary lens isn't very good to start with, adding optical elements will only make it worse.

The advantage to dSLRs is that you can remove a lens intended for one purpose, and replace it with another lens intended for another purpose.
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I once considered getting the Sony R1 and some add-on lenses for distance (the R1 was much shorter than I wanted). I looked at the added weight, added equipment, probably some loss of sharpness and added expense - and decided that I might as well just get a dSLR. Good add-on close-up lenses cost almost as much as a dedicated macro lens can (especially if you buy a used lens).

I'm not familiar with your camera - some point and shoot cameras have threads on their lenses where you can use any add-on with that diameter. Others require an adaptor (never quite figured out how that all worked). If sometime down the road your current camera fails - will your add-on lenses fit the replacement? If you get a dSLR, your lenses can go from camera to camera as long as you stay with the same manufacturer. Another thing to think about.
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