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I've been shopping around a bit and I was leaning towards getting a Nikon because my few friends who are into photography are all Nikon users. Even so, they told me to go to a store and check them out and compare (none of them live in my current state/republic so I couldn't play with their cameras).

After going to the store I think the d40 feels better in the hand (texture and build), but I think I enjoy the Canon user interface (especially the dedicated iso button, but also the fact that it seem like there are more ways to access things without pushing "menu"). I do know that I much prefer the UI on my g/f's old canon p&s much more than the UI on my ancient nikon p&s.

Like I said, I was wondering if any of you had that "aha" moment when you were chosing between nikon/canon? Did your initial impressions seem to be accurate over the long hall or were they just fleeting first looks?

I'm wondering if I should trust my gut and go with the Canon. Or can I assume that if I get one or the other, eventually I'll get so familiar with the UI that my initial thoughts will be irrelevant no matter which direction I go.

And yes, part of the reason I'm asking this question is because it sounds like there are rumors of some entry level Nikon coming out at the PMA which might be super awesome (or make the d40 particularly inexpensive....)
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How a camera feels in hand does indeed make a measurable difference. The UI is also really important, so listen to your gut!

Sarah Joyce
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If I were you I'd wait for the PMA. Nikon's due for a new entry level DSLR.
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Too big, too small, too fat, too skinny, not big enough are all important factors. So is being too heavy or the lack of properbalance with abig lens.

Nobody can tell you you are wrong if the camera just does not feel right inyour hand.

And some of those factors are really more important than just "feel". Size, weight and balance will affect your photographs and even discourage your usage of the gear.

BTW, I once bought alens because I liked the mounting of the lens coverof one brand better thananother.
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