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Hello everyone, I'm new to the forums, just trying to figure out something here.

I currently have two old style cameras (you know the type with film that confuses a lot of people these days), and I have a digital camera.

So anyway my question is, I have a Minolta x-370 and 5 lenses which I got for $100 off of a photographer friend. Camera and lenses are great, like brand new especially since he had it all cleaned before selling to me. I'm interested in buying a digital camera that these lenses might possibly work on. Is this even possible? Which camera(s) would I be able to do this with?
I love film but not having the knowledge of developing film and not having the money to spend on 50 rolls of film to develop to only find out that 3/4's of the pictures are good. I'd like to be able to advance to digital and be able to carry the lenses over to it since they're so expensive.

Here are links to the lenses I have, sorry I'm not really sure what all of these are either. I haven't really used them much since I like the convenience of the digital and like being able to preview my pictures... and so on... hopefully someone can help


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Those are all manual focus lenses for Minolta SLRs. Minolta stopped making them almost 25 years ago, when they introduced the 'A Mount' autofocus lenses and cameras. There are some adapters that you can use to mount those lenses onto a Sony dSLR, but the adapters are also teleconverters, so the focal lengths will be longer and the apertures will be smaller. Plus, you won't have autoexposure or autofocus either.

Whe I bought my dSLR, a Konica Minolta Maxxum 5D, I got an adapter thinking I could use the lenses I had for my SRT-202, but I found that it was easier to just buy some used Minolta autofocus lenses than to try using my manual focus lenses with the adapter. In fact I just sold the adapter I had, along with the Rokkor MD 50mm f/1.4. The other two lenses I had, a Vivitar 135mm f/2.8 and a Rokkor MC 35mm f/2.8 with scratches on the lens, I couldn't give away, so they are now in my wastebasket.
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