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I am looking to take the DSLR jump in a few days and am trying to figure out which will fit my needs better.

It will get the most use at airshow taking both static and action photos so I know the kit lens will have to be replaced as soon as I can. I will also be making my rounds at museums so I would like it to have good low light shots too.

I have read the other posts about the XSI being good for sports and that the sony kit lens sucks. But I am a sony fan boy so I keep going back to look at the sony
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Hi and welcome to Steve's.

Although I'm a Canon user I have no issues with Sony. However out of the cameras you are considering the Canon performs better in low light due to better high ISO(high sensitivity) as well as the auto focus being better which can help with the airshows.

Sony's are nice that they have image stabilisation built in which can be beneficial as all lenses then get this benefit. The Canon kit lens now has image stabilisation included.

There are many more new lenses available for Canon and you are a lot more likely to bump into another Canon user which can help if you want to share kit. With Sony you can use the AF Minolta lenses which mean you have a good selection of older 2nd hand lenses.

The viewfinder on the Canon is quite a bit bigger than on the Sony's which is nice.

For your needs I would personally go Canon, oh I didn't mention I used to shoot with Konica Minolta which is who Sony bought to get into the dSLR world and it was a good camera but the performance of Canon works better for my needs.

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I agree with Mark. The Canon XSi is clearly the better choice.

Sarah Joyce
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The degree of suckiness to any camera is actually quite smalland it is all relative.

Way back when I got into an arguement with a dude over the motor drive on his camera brand being better than the motor drive on my brand of camera.

(Motor drives were needed for rapid shooting back in the days of film)

His brand was 3.5fps while my brand was ONLY 3.0fps. That 0.5fps is mighty important to some people. But my batteries lasted 40% longer than his batteries which would allow me to shoot more frames OR carry fewer batteries. Which is more important to you, carrying extra batteries or 0.5fps? Oh, and my brand cost less than his brand.... by a lot of $. Everything is relative.

Moving forward to digital cameras, faster focus may be a fact, buthow much faster is faster andwill the "slower" focus be so slow thatyou will loose a shot if you don't have it?What if you never new about the faster focus, would you remain happy? And is the faster focus really fast enough. Maybe you should be looking at the $6-8K camera bodies.

The same thing with high ISO performance. Yep, most definitely needed. For some people. And to achieve better high ISO performance, some camera brands compromise other attributes of the photograph to produce less noise.

(in other words there is no free lunch)

Now ignore features and performance and actually hold the cameras in your hand.

Physical characteristics are sometimes more important than peformance characteristics. Remember, the best camera is the one you carry WITH YOU rather than the camera you leave at home because it is too heavy, big, cumbersome or difficult to use.

This all said, the Canon is most likely the better technical camera. Doesn't mean it is the best camera for you.
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Make it another vote for the Canon. The sony A700 competes very well with it's Canon and Nikon counterparts. But between the A350 and the xsi? No contest for action shooting. Another poster posed the question: "will the "slower" focus be so slow thatyou will loose a shot "? The answer is a resounding YES. We're not talking about 3.0 vs. 3.5 fps here. In action shooting, focus performance makes a HUGE difference. At the higher end of the market there are a lot of choices, but betwen the two cameras under discussion the XSi is a much better action camera.
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