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I have a Panasonic FZ50 which covers some of my shots, but I need a camera for my street work. The FZ50 just too big and not quick enough 'on the draw'.

I think I've narrowed it down to the G10 or the LX3. I've heard there are some image issues with the G10 but I love the dials and Ragefinder feel to it.
Also, the LX3 is faster (F2-F2.8).

Can anyone help with this dilema?

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Since your comparing the two, here are a couple of websites that may interest you...


(note kosmix is an information aggregator as opposed to just a search engine.)

I have a LX3. It replaced a Canon SD500 (that my son has at college). I like the SD500 for the size, but the LX3 is superior in every other comparison. I have never looked at the G10, as I wanted the faster lens and the wider angle, while trying to keep the size down.

I have a couple of other postings on the LX3...


I like the camera very much. You have to be aware that the zoom only goes to 60mm and that there is a lens cap that you manually have to remove. The noise is well controlled up to about iso 800, however it has never been a problem for me.

I also shoot a Pentax K100D. The LX3 is not a dSLR replacement, however it is a great companion camera for the times when a SLR is too (large, heavy, bulky, etc).

Hope that helps...
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I was faced with the very same choice a few months ago.. .and I went with the LX3. I have not been disappointed. But, like you joggerman, I loved the controls on the G10. In the end, the fantastic lens on the LX3 won me over.

Make no mistake... that 14mp the G10 offers will get you stunning photos in good light and at ISO's below 200. At ISO 200, I would say the G10 and the LX3 are about equal... with the LX3 drawing farther into the lead as the ISOs get higher.

But, as interested_observer points out, you're limited to a 24-60mm zoom range with the LX3. For me, the 24mm wide end is much more useful than anything beyond 60mm. But your needs may be different.

Take a look at this recent comparison test that puts the G10 and LX3 directly against each other:


One final word: The LX3 was my choice, but that doesn't mean the G10 is a bad camera. If you're not going to be shooting at high ISOs or in very low light, it might be perfect for you. Again, as interested_observer says, neither camera is a DSLR replacement. But both can be pretty fantastic second or companion cameras.
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I have a question for you: do you need to zoom?

If not then you might consider the new Micro 4/3 format; Panasonic of course has the G1, and although it's a bit big with the zoom lens, the coming 20mm f1.7 pancake looks like it will make for a lovely small package.

Also the new Sigma DP2 is due for release any time now, and with a 40mm (equiv) f2.8 and an APS-C sensor it looks very interesting too.

There are also some M4/3 offerings from Olympus due real soon now.

And finally of course there is the announcement of the coming Samsung Micro APS-C cameras.

If you can afford to wait for a few months there should be some really interesting stuff coming for street shooting this year.

I am very excited about the possibilities that these new cameras will bring.
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Which ever camera you go with, you may also be interested in learning more about storing custom settings for a quicker response while street shooting. Here's a blog about setting up the G9, published last year. The same processes could be utilized on the G10, however I'm not familiar with the LX3 set up.


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thanks for that...

I think I'm favouring the LX3 at the moment due to the fast lens.
Pity, because I love the dials on the G10!
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Consider the Fuji F200EXR. It has a new type of sensor that produces outstanding picture quality.
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