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I have recently moved to South Korea to teach English as a second language. I don't feel like I can accurately capture the beauty of this country and of my travels with my point and shoot. I bought a sony t-77 to keep in my pocket at all times but it can't do everything. I don't have any english speaking friends that are into photography so I am reaching out to the experts in this forum. I want to purchase an entry level dSLR that is versatile, easy to use and not too bulky. Price really isn't an issue since I would be buying it in Korea anyways and the prices here tend to be a little lower than in the states. I would need a camera with a fairly versatile lens that could aptly capture a wide range of shots. Any and all recommendations, thoughts and advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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Welcome to Steves!

When I read your post, my first inclination was to look for a good, reasonably priced standard zoom lens. There are a few good ones.

Canon's kit 18-55 IS lens is quite good, but it's range isn't as large as you might like.

Sigma makes a 17-70 f/2.8-4.5 Macro lens that's sharp, fast and reasonably priced, and it's availble for most cameras, plus it's a 1:2.3 macro which is good for the occasional shot of flowers and such. It would not be stabilized on a Canon or Nikon body, but would be on a Pentax or Sony.

Tamron has a 18-270 VC Superzoom that has quite a long range, and is stabilized for Canon and Nikon bodies.It doesn't do anything well, but it does a lot of things adequately. It's big and heavy, though.

Sony's 16-80 is very nice, but it's big and heavy.

Olympus' 12-60 is very nice.

As for bodies, Canon's entry level line up is very nice, Nikon's not so much. Pentax' K200D is nice. Pentax also has a K2000 which is available in a kit with a lens and a flash, but the lens isn't as good as the others I've mentioned. Sony's A200 is nice, but it's only available with a lens that isn't very good. Sony's A350 has higher resolution than most, and it has 'Live View'. Sony's A300 also has 'Live View', and outside North America, it's available without the kit lens. Olympus makes some of the smallest, lightest dSRLs on the market, and they'reall stabilized except for the E4x0 series.
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I would suggest looking at the Olympus 4/3 cameras, the 500 series with IS. They are physically smaller and give you twice the amount of reach per lens. The 70 300 for example is equivalent to 140 600 mm and at a cost in the 300 US dollars range is a high quality lens for the money. Not a point and shoot size but a lot of camera for the money in a small package for a dslr.
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