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DMC-TZ7pretty much the same specs as PowerShot SX200 IS
But which one to get..


DMC-TZ7worth the extra 100$

Steve give us your opinion
PowerShot SX200 ISPowerShot SX200 IS
PowerShot SX200 ISPowerShot SX200 ISPowerShot SX200 IS

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Welcome to the forums.

So that you can get some feedback on the differences between these models from members that may have researched and used them, I've moved your post to our What Camera Should I Buy? Forum (the forum we ask members to use when asking what camera to buy). Steve doesn't read all of the posts, and please keep in mind that the camera that's best for one user, may not be the best camera for another.

Each user will have preferences in features that are more important to them (for example, manual exposure ability, video capability versus still photos; performance in good light outdoors versus lower light using higher ISO speeds, AF speed, cycle times between photos, image quality with and without a flash, etc.). The specs may be similar between these models, but they're not the same. For example, focal range from wide to long is different with the Panasonic starting out wider, and the Canon going a bit longer. I also see differences in features like manual exposure ability and I'm just skimming through the specs (there is probably a lot more that's different between them). You can't go by specs alone either (as you can usually find differences in image quality between cameras, even when they're using identical sensors and lenses, which is not the case in this comparison).

So, you may want to let members know what you're looking for in a camera, and the conditions you plan on using one in more often for starters. That way, you're more likely to get better responses from members that may be more familiar with these models. ;-)

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The TZ-7 or the ZS2 whichever you may to choose to call the camera is clearly a much better camera than the Canon SX-200. When you consider the 25mm wide angle on the TZ-7, the fact that the flash is not deployed constantly as it is on the CANON SX-200, and the fact that the TZ-7 is a much easier to use camera, it is no contest at all.

The Panasonic TZ-7 or XS2 camerra is clearly the better camera.

Sarah Joyce
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