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Default Upgrading Canon S500 - SD600 or SD850is?

Hello all,

I'd like to upgrade my Canon S500 which has done a good job for me. My only beef with the camera is it is way too slow from picture to picture especially with the flash turned on. We are missing good picture opportunities because of this.

I also have a Canon G2 but because of it's size, it is rarely used. Both camera need new batteries too so I figure why not get a newer, faster camera.

So, it appears I am some what of a Canon guy due to the reputation and reviews I have read in the past.

Let me start by telling you that I have been unemployed for over a year so my budget is super tight. $150.00 max considering I also have to buy an SD card.

I have come across two virutally new camera candidates. Both sellers claim that their camera has about 30 pictures taken on it for whatever reasons. 1st is a Canon SD600 and 2nd is a Canon SD850is. I have to verify what the sellers are saying by looking at each unless there is another way to tell.

Budget: $150.00 max

Size: Smaller = portability. Anything Elph (Canon S500 or smaller) size should fit the bill.

Features: 5 megapixel or larger. Image quality is paramount. These pictures chronicle our lives so if the picture isn't the best it can be within reason, we won't have much to look back at. This includes both prints and Jpegs in archive or on a digital picture frame. Other than speed of shots, anything else in addtion to what the Canon S500 has is icing on the cake as we just use Auto Mode. I will say that I had to sell stuff lately so Macro pics for ads would be a +. IS sounds nice but I am not sure it is worth the cost. I'd use it if I had it. A bigger LCD display than our 1.5" would be nice.

Use: We take the majority of pictures inside but as our 7 year old grows we will be taking more and more action shots at baseball, basketball, etc games. Superior low light
functionality would be a plus (seems that we are always using the flash) but we have to be able to balance that with pics at the beach, zoo, yard, etc.. So an all around camera is probably best.

Prints thus far have been 4x6 mostly with an occasional 5x7. Larger prints could be a possibility in the future. We use a 4x6 digital picture frame to display our pics. We'd like to get a larger one in the future.

Brands: So far, I have been a Canon guy. This is not to say I won't buy another brand. My research has usually steered me in the Canon direction.

The SD600 is half the price of the SD850is. Both cameras have been used for around 30 pics and put away. If both cameras are are about the same speed shot to shot with and without flash, I'd choose the SD600 based on cost. If the SD850is is faster, then I'd probably choose it. I am hoping either will be significantly faster and better than the S500. If you have other camera suggestions, I'd like to hear about them too.

Also, will different SD cards make a difference in shot to shot speed? If so, which should I buy for either camera or future compatibility?


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