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Thanks for not losing patience with me. No, my goals haven't changed. It's just now that I have more money to spend I want to get as much camera as I can. Does that make sense? LOL. If I were to go to the top of my range ($550 and that doesn't have to include shipping), would I not realistically be able to go a little higher than the A200 or K2000?

Originally Posted by TCav View Post
I'm sorry. I did not mean to imply that I'm getting impatient. I was just wondering, as you've accumulated information here and elsewhere, if your goals have changed?
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Since you have a budget and you want to get as much as possible, maybe this is a good time to look at your options. Yes, you can buy more camera, or even a new camera, but you could also suppliment your kit with an additional lens or two. You mentioned a desire to shoot in low light and to shoot wildlife and flowers. Low light will be tough, since large aperture lenses can be costly, but Tamron's 70-300 Di LD can do the wildlife for a reasonable price, and it's a 1:2 macro lens as well, so it can do your flower shots as well. It's available for most cameras and won't put a big dent in your budget. So maybe you could stick with your original plan for a camera and pick up the Tamron as well.

That's an option, but I'd go with a new (or newer) camera. Buying a used dSLR is risky, but a refurbished or demo would be less so.
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Thanks for the links. I'll have to read later, but I will... my cab is here.

Originally Posted by JimC View Post
In addition to amazon.com having a sale price on the A200 ($449.99 cart price, which is $50 off the regular price of $499.99), it looks like Ritz and Wolf Camera have the Sony A200 on sale for $449.99, too. I suspect that any dealers that still have them in stock are going to offer the same thing (any discounts from authorized dealers are usually sanctioned by Sony). Here it is on the RitzCamera.com web site. If you check the weekly ads for Wolf and Ritz Camera stores in your area, you'll probably see the same $449.99 sale price after $50 off. I wouldn't wait too long if you decide to go that route (it appears that many dealers are sold out of the Sony A200, now that it's being replaced with the new Sony A230)


BTW, here's a 10 page review of the A200 I noticed recently that compares it with some of the other popular models in that niche (Nikon D60, Pentax K200D, Canon Rebel XS, Olympus E-420). If you look at the "Our Take" section on last page of the review, the author clearly thought it was a much better value compared to the other cameras.


Of course, each user is going to have preferences in a camera, and that tends to add some amount of bias to many reviews. Likewise, I'm probably biased a bit towards the A200 since I shoot with a Sony A700 right now.

I'd check them out in a store and see what you're comfortable with. Any of the entry level dSLR models can take great photos.
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Originally Posted by LadyRo View Post
f I were to go to the top of my range ($550 and that doesn't have to include shipping), would I not realistically be able to go a little higher than the A200 or K2000?
The new Sony A230 from sonystyle.com at $549.99 would be at the top of your price range. It's now in stock at sonystyle.com, and should be on dealer shelves soon.

Some Pros: The new Sony A230 includes a sharper 18-55mm kit lens with virtually no CA from tests I've seen comparing it to the A200's 18-70mm kit lens. In addition, the new Sony A230 is smaller and lighter (and that could be looked at as a pro or a con, depending on your perspective and the size/weight of lenses you want to use with a camera).

Some Cons: You don't get as much range from wide to long with the newer 18-55mm lens, and the A230 doesn't get the dedicated AEL (Exposure Lock) button like you'd have with the Sony A200. The newer A230 is also more expensive at approximately $100 higher than the A200 right now (while supplies last at dealers that still have the A200 in stock).
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Have you chosen which camera you're going to buy?

I was in the same position as you a few weeks ago and after looking at loads and loads of sites, forums, reviews etc, I chose the D40.

Cheap enough that if a dSLR wasn't my 'thing' then I wouldn't be that much poorer.
Technical enough that I can learn the basics of dSLR photography.
Good enough to have faithfully served hundreds of people who don't need the latest and greatest to produce good photos.
Small enough that carrying it around all day won't be a problem - get your hands on a camera before deciding which one to get (VERY important IMHO).
The ability to to what 99% of great photographers suggest : spend more money on lenses instead of on the body.

Best of luck.

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Hi Everyone. I'm in the middle of packing, etc to go to DC and have been very busy. I won't be online for a day or so. What I do know is that I'm going to wait until I get to DC to buy the camera. Right now, it's looking like either the Pentax K2000 or the Sony A200 with Sony having the edge because of the 9 point focus. I sold my FZ18, so I might be able to buy a two lens kit now. We'll see. Anyhoo, be back in a couple of days.
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Default message from Helen at Adorama

Originally Posted by StevieDgpt View Post
What did Adorma PAY for the camera?

Try the equation from the opposite direction. What would Adorma PAY for your used Sony A200?
We generally pay approximately 70% of the value for high-end cameras & lenses; about 60% for lower-end equipment and accessories.
Of course, part-ex would generally offer more favorable terms.

I hope this helps


Helen Oster
Adorama Camera Customer Service Ambassador

[email protected]
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Default Pentax K10D

Hey all! I got settled into DC and after resting a day, made a bee line to Ritz. I went in open-minded and walked out with a deal on the Pentax K10D. The body was $250 brand new. I got a Quantaray 28-90mm lens to go with it for half price, also.

Minor concerns are that it was heavier and bigger than I anticipated and Quantaray isn't a name I've seen bantied about where lenses are concerned. However, I've only held a point and shoot before. However, with the K10D being a professional camera, I read that they are heavier/bigger anyway, plus, it wasn't too big for my hands so I guess it doesn't make a difference.

So, what do you guys think? Should I have stuck with the a200 by Sony or the K2000 by Pentax?
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The K10 uses the same sensor that the K2000 does, and since the A200 has a 10 mp sensor, it wouldn't surprise me its the same in all three cameras. The K10 is an older camera but when it first came out it was Pentax's more advanced camera (and it has features that the K2000 doesn't have). It will have a number of features that the A200 doesn't (like more AF points, if that's important to you). It's a camera that you can either let the camera do everything or you can take control of most things yourself. And the controls are on the camera body so it is easy to change things (but read the manual because its also easy to accidentally change something you didn't mean to change). I think getting it for $250, new, is probably a fair price at this point.

Quantaray is Ritz's house brand. I don't know who actually makes their lenses, and I would guess that the quality would vary depending on who they've contracted with that year (or however they do their contracts). You can always upgrade or get other lenses later on, as you find out what its limitations are and if they would bother you (all lenses have some limitation, whether it be weight, price or optics).

As long as you don't find the camera too heavy to hold steady, you should be fine. I used to own a K10 but sold mine when I upgraded to a K20 (same size and weight). I never had trouble using them, though they are as heavy a camera as I think I could manage for any length of time.
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Congratulations on your acquisition. Once you make it through the manual, here is a link to a supplemental book/manual on the K10 that may explain thing a bit better and clearer - essentially adding why you might want to do various things, etc. You might need to scroll down a bit to the K10 book (they have both a hard copy and a on line softcopy available).


Also, there is the Pentax dSLR forum here on Steve's and a separate one on Pentax lenses (actually what ever lenses that mount on Pentax camera bodies). There are a lot of folks who use various Pentax models, a lot of K10 users along with *ist DS/DL users too.

hope that helps...
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