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Default What do you suggest

I have a Kodak HD Still Capture (Digital IS . ISO 1250). I am more concerned with capturing better quality indoor photos and wide angle shots. I mainly take photos of interior decorating projects. What camera should I buy that is no more than $400.
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For good quality available light interiors, you need a dLSR with a large aperture wide angle zoom lens. That's not going to happen for $400.
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Default Please provide more info

Thanks for your reply! Can you suggest a good brand and tell me what is the least expensive cost of camera you are referring to?
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Originally Posted by Ilive4decor View Post
I mainly take photos of interior decorating projects. What camera should I buy that is no more than $400.
My suggestion is a good tripod and a camera capable of using an external flash. The problem with available light is it might not happen to be shining on the particular subject you're interested in. And you might want to actually take a shot when there isn't much available light. The purpose of the flash, in addition to tripod, is to get rid of shadows. The problem of using flash without the tripod is if you have a large enough area you don't want to rely on the flash for all the lighting. The tripod allows you to expose for ambient light with the flash burst to just fill in the shadows.
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I agree wholeheartedly with TCav and JohnG, that at $400 it is going to be pretty difficult to impossible to do. This is a compromise all the way around, and it will be more than $400 for the entire kit..... To go wide angle you usually use a SLR with a wide angle lens. There are very few Point & Shoot cameras with somewhat of a wide angle lens that are also reasonably fast (for low light interior shots), that also have a hot shoe supporting an external flash unit.

The Panasonic LX3 has a 24mm (35mm equiv) Leica f2-f2.8 lens uses 10mp sensor and has a hot shoe for an external flash (TTL). ISO 80 to 3200, however count on up to 400 as usable. The lens is equivalent to a 16mm in an APS-C sensor, and that is as essentially as wide as you can really get without going to a SLR. If you go to a dSLR, using an older body, you still need a wide lens and they are expensive. A good quality wide angle lens alone starts at $400 (Sigma 10-20) and goes up rapidly.

The LX3 does take good interior shots, especially wide open at f2. It does have a built in flash, but can cast a shadow in the lower part of the image because the lens protrudes from the body of the camera. That is why if a flash is necessary due to poor lighting or to highlight some feature you require, then an external flash is really needed.

The LX3 has been in short supply and runs about $450 (the price has been bouncing around a lot since the first of the year). I picked up mine for $420 in Feb. Added to that is a flash and maybe a tripod. One of the problems is going to find a retailer with a decent price (close to $400 - $450) that is reliable. With supply coming on line now the price should be dropping again.

I do not know anything about flashes (other than I would rather not use them), so others are going to need to possibly advise on that.

The only other P&S that has a wide lens, and a hot shoe is the Ricoh GX100. It has a f2.5-4.4 lens. It is not as fast, so you will need a flash in more situations. It is a couple of years old, so there are not that many retailers carrying it. It goes for around $400.

There are a couple of other cameras with lenses not as wide angle nor with lenses as fast (thus a greater need a flash in more situations), also with hot shoes for external flashes. These have lenses at 26 and 28mm (35mm equiv) and with lenses in the f2.8-5.9 range

Kodak EasyShare Z980 at about $400+ and up
Canon Powershot SX10 IS at about $370+ and up
Nikon Coolpix P6000 at about $400+ and up

Hope that helps....

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